If you're tired of the everyday shooter take a breath of fresh air with Battlefield Bad Company 2.  If you still play Call of Duty daily, stop, and try out the future of first person shooters.  Battlefield Bad Company 2's destructible environments, vehicle gameplay, and huge maps up the anti for all first person shooters.

 In the campaign, you play as Marlowe, one of four specialists in his 'bad company' squadron.  He is pitted against the Russian terrorist, Arkady Kirilenko, who has plans to destroy the United States with a destructive weapon that hasn't been used since World War II.  Along the way, the squad gets stabbed in the back, witnesses the most powerful weapon in the world, and meets the only pacifist helicopter pilot in the military.  The game balances vehicle warfare and infantry warfare quite well, and has a healthy amount of humor that doesn't seem forced like the games predecessor.  Although the game's story can seem a bit dry at times which is the only con I found in this game.  

On the game's box, it announces: "Defining Online Warfare", a quote I can not agree more with.  The multiplayer warfare is my all-time favorite.  In the game, there are four unique classes.  The assault class has a variety of assault rifles with an attachment of your choice,  a grenade launcher, underbarrel shotgun, or a smoke grenade launcher.  You probably read grenade launcher and remembered the overpowered "noob tubes" which define the Call of Duty series.  The grenade launcher in this game, isn't capable of the power it has in Call of Duty, and moreover is used to destroy walls rather than kill people.  Also, dropshotting, quickscoping, and annoying 10-year-old kids do not make an appearance in this game.  Anyways, the engineer class has sub machine guns, with rocket launchers and anti tank mines to destroy heavily armored vehicles.  The medic class uses light machine guns and has a tool for reviving fallen allies.  And of course, the recon class uses snipers and can also call in mortar strikes or place c4 charges. Unlike other popular shooters, this game requires teamwork to reach any objective. This is the reason Battlefield does not come with a "free for all" mode.  To be a dominant squad, there must be a balance between all four classes.  

The Battlefield franchise has always been promising, and Battlefield Bad Company 2 is no let down.  If you're tired of the stale and unfair gameplay that is Call of Duty, please give Bad Company 2 a try.