Battlefield bad company 2 is a game about a squad of 4 people dubbed bad company, who try to stop a Russian super weapon. However there is a story gap between the first bad company and the second, which is why are they still in the army but incase you haven’t played the first I’ll leave it at that. The environments are top notch the story is decent, the controls are great, and the vehicle levels are well done and fun to play not frustrating. The game is harder then the first one as well, you have check points if you die you restart at the last check point unlike the first where you just respawned with anybody you killed still dead, and the enemies provide a bit of a challenge though it isn't that hard, I would say the most annoying thing was knocking somebody down thinking their dead, just to have them stand back up. I didn't really find any glitches in campaign, so it should be good on that front. The major disappointment would have to be that despite rumors it is not a co-op game.

I would say the campaign is worth playing but, I don’t know if I would just buy to play campaign.


Now to get to the part that most people are buying the game for, multiplayer. It had a really rocky start because of all the lag when the game came out in March but that and numerous other glitches have been patched, the problem is that when they patched them they created new glitches that are very annoying...go figure huh. The main glitches you will run into are, the knife will not always work you will see blood but it will have no effect, your rank in multiplayer might show up as 1 in the score board even though your not level one(note it doesn't do anything just wrongly represents your rank), people can snipe from hundreds of yard away with a shotgun, not all the insignias in the reward page unlock even though you met the requirement, and if a team mate kills you it counts as a death on your k/d ratio.

Ok now that glitches are out of the way lets get into some multiplayer details, their are 4 modes in all,

 conquest ( there is 3 - 4 flags you want your team to "capture" and hold them ( you stand next to a flag and wait for the bar to fill)  so your opponents tickets drop faster it’s a 12 v 12)

rush ( you are either attacking or defending attackers try to damage or arm  m-com stations- boxes- to blow them up there is a number of bases dependent on the map with 2 m-coms a base, you can take down the building its in destroying it, you can just damage it enough to destroy it, or you can arm it and defend it till it blows up its a 12 v 12)

Squad rush ( basically the same as rush bit its 4 v 4 and there is only 2 bases with 1 m-com each but no vehicles )

Squad death match (up to 4 teams of 4 try to get to 50 kills, their is 1 vehicle per map)

though their is a team of 12 in 2 of the modes you can only communicate to those in your squad, which is up to 4 people (including you), same goes when you find a match with friends, you can only make 1 squad then look for a game so it sucks if you have 4 or more friends who want to play on a team.

Their is a number of guns that you unlock by using that class, so if you don’t want a sniper rifle don’t play as recon, their are class specific guns ( medic, sniper, engineer, assault, ) and there guns all classes can use like shot guns, ( you unlock these and perks by leveling up ) the perks will tell you what they do but not tell you how much the affect you ( example magnum ammo increases damage but it doesn't say by how much ) and their is 50 ranks in all, to get to rank 50 though its going to take over 5 million points so some dedication is required.

there is a good number of maps and even more if you are a vip (achieved by buying the game new (there will be a vip code) or paying 10 dollars) and their is a 10 dollar dlc that is 4 player co-op and plays like a mix of conquest and rush, though its fun its forgettable there is nothing to unlock except achievements and their is an upcoming 15 dollar Vietnam expansion pack. there is also a dlc called specact which is just a dark cammoed character option, and a cammoed gun that don’t change to accommodate snow maps, it is only  like 5 dollars and it rewards you the final gun for each class, so level 1 people could be using a m-16. And their is a dlc that gives you all the unlocks though it’s rather pricy and nothing a couple of hours of work wont get you.

The is also 2 multiplayer modes normal and hard core, the difference is in hardcore, you cant see your ammo count or map, your health regenerates slower and sometimes not all the way, you die faster, you can't spot people, there is no reticule, bolt action sniper rifles are 1 shot kills, no kill cam, and there is team killing. So it is fun to play if you want more of a challenge


It is a great game all in all, but it does have its flaws.