FPS have brought some gamers together, because they are  fun, but you can not possibly find a game that has the same online as Bad Company 2. This game not only got into me in ways that no other game has gotten into me, but it's a game that it feels real. When i started playing online it felt as if i was there talking in my mike saying "hey can you help i'm down" and a medic comes to help you nothing beats that. Unlike in other FPS where you basically go and kill this game feels like your actually in there helping each other out instead of just going out to kill and get points. Campaing didn't get much of my attention, because the story really wasn't that good. Overall if you want a game that you will play for a long time, because of online then get this game if your not an online gamer then go and get something else that fits you. Another neat thing is the destructable environments, it helps you in almost every way thinkable. For example: Your chasing down your enemy, but he happens to go around in a corner, all you have to do is make a hole in a wall go through it and kill the enemy.