You may not need swift first-person shooter skills to excel at Battlefield 4, but only if you have a sharp mind.

Though it was rumored in April, DICE officially revealed Commander Mode for Battlefield 4 at E3. Beloved by players from Battlefield 2, the strategic leadership role was missing from Battlefield 3. Whether the match is happening on consoles or PCs, the leader's overhead map can be accessed from tablet devices.

Commander Mode grants one player an overhead view of the battle and access to various support abilities. In the trailer below, Lars Gustavsson, creative director at DICE, describes the three responsibilities a commanding player will have to take on.

The commander will engage in a data war with the opposing team's leader by calling in UAVs and denying enemy intelligence gathering attempts. To fuel the war machine, commanders can also drop supplies and vehicles directly into a war zone. Lastly, the leader can go on the offensive with missile strikes and other aerial bombardments.

Though this role is undoubtedly powerful, a good commander can't win a game alone. Gustavsson said the range of abilities available to a leader is directly tied to the team's overall performance.