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New Battlefield 4 Video Gives Sneak Peek At Beta

EA released new footage of the Battlefield 4 beta, which goes live to the public tomorrow.

The level seen is called Siege of Shanghai, and it's the stage that was chosen to best showcase the game in the beta. Looks pretty impressive. This is Xbox 360 footage, but tomorrow, October 4, the beta will also be open on PS3 and PC.

For general information and links to a FAQ on the Battlefield 4 beta, head over to our previous coverage.

  • It is decent so far, its just getting very tiring seeing the tower get taken down in the first few minutes of the match....every match.
  • My friend got in on the beta and made me skip school to play it with him. I'm not usually an fps guy, but this is one of the funnest I've played for years.
  • The graphics are better, and the maps are bigger, but the gameplay looks basically the same. They claim that the destruction is better, but all I'm seeing is a single tower falling over, and a support beam in a parking garage being destroyed. I'm gonna have to say that this is how Battlefield 3 should have been from the start.
  • There are thousands of videoes of it out already because the whole thing's open to medal of shootbang preorderers on all systems ya big balooshies
  • For it to be Xbox 360 gameplay, it looks pretty good.
  • I loved BF3. It was the first FPS game I felt extremely good online at. Playing the beta, BF4 improves on many things and it's really awesome to see a beta play so well for me at least.

  • The beta runs like butt for me, but hopefully that's fixed soon (or at least before release). Low frames and stuttering galore thanks to the drivers.
  • Too big for 24 players. I'm playing it on 360 but I'm glad I won't be come November. The falling building gets old but it's better than it not happening at all. It adds as a nice distraction when your not in the area. The default control scheme is set up for CoD players, which sucks. No boats in the beta is annoying too since the entire water flank is basically useless. Everyone must cross the bridge or go swimming to cap C position. And since most of everything is locked you don't get to experience many of the new mechanics yet. Also the spot button has changed to a tap of RB which is also very annoying trying to get used to. Getting used to the control scheme probably annoyed me the most. Switching everything to 'veteran' setting is best for BF3 players.
  • Legit gameplay should just be a failed loading screen, or battlelog not being able to connect you. This is pre alpha more like it. Before i rant about lack of communication, a warning not to get ur hopes up too much, this build is poorly optimized.

  • Don't worry guys, it's actually awful.
  • Well I' ll have he beta tommorrow so we'll see about that, with what people are saying about the game. And the problems that supposedly plaguing the game.

  • Coming from the PC closed beta, it's decent at best.  Every tactic in each mode ends up being the same each round, so it's extremely repetitive.  The "next gen" destruction is simply a few pre-baked destruction scenes ie. the skyscraper.  Other than that, the destruction is almost the exact same.  To me, it's either what BF3 should have been, or it's more like BF3.5.  That's just my two cents though.  I'm still on the edge about buying the full version.  It's just too similar to BF3 :/

  • Is there an exact time when we can start this thing up because I want to play this ASAP?

  • I'm sorry, I just can't and won't play any next-gen games on current-gen hardware. I'm saving my money for an X1, BF4, and 1-2 other next-gen games.
  • being a huge battlefield franchise fan, i must say the beta has a long way to go for improvements. it feels as if the game's missing its soul. granted it is the beta, but that doesn't justify the game feeling very "COD-like". i would much rather see a battlefield 3 reboot on the xbox one if this is shaping out to be the final version. I'm gonna fight thru my b*tching and give it a chance keeping in mind that it is the beta..but the beta of a game's successor shouldn't feel that much worse than its predecessor which was fantastic to begin with. just stick with the original formula if thats what its gonna take.
  • Played for a bit the last couple of days on PC, and I gotta say, I'm loving it a lot more than I loved BF3.

  • The beta is pretty hip so far. I just wish they picked a map with more small buildings to blow up.

  • Looks the exact same as BF3.  Not impressed.  I would love to see it on high-res on the PC or PS4

  • Has anyone downloaded it onto XBOX 360 today and can get on the servers? I mean it finds the the game, then spend like a minute saying "joining game". Then it can't connect to the server. Anyone having the same problem?

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