Picking up Battlefield 4 I knew I was buying the game just for the multiplayer and that the campaign would be less than stellar. But after getting my share of the multiplayer experience and enjoying massive scope of conquest I decided to try out the campaign.

It started out like a CoD game, with a first round that alludes to the future conflict so no complaints there the campaign progressed and just kind of happened. There was no emotion behind characters deaths, (spoiler ahead) even Pac's "death" happened in the blink of an eye. Escaping from Chinese prison was cool but was nothing special or thrilling about. Even breaking out of jail in A Link Between Worlds was more fun and rememberable than in this game. And even once you find Pac alive, it felt like no big deal. As for the destructibility of the campaign there were some scenes with tanks that would destroy a building it you walked in it and cover could be blown up by your enemies at any time. Overall the campaign was an emotionless experience that i didn't care for. 

On the other hand, the multiplayer was impactful. Literally it left an impact and I could feel the impact of a wall being blown up as I'm hiding in a building. It had some technical flaws, obviously, but they seem to be fixed now for the most part. Some of the matches are unfair with 16 players against 10 or 8 but when the matches are even its a blast and provides constant competition between teams. In the end, the multiplayer in Battlefield was a blast to play not as good as Halo 4 but a better multiplayer experience than I ever had on a CoD game.