Most people would not call the launch of Battlefield 4 as a successful one, the game was plagued with horrible bugs and glitches that were causing players saved files to be corrupt and constantly getting kicked out of multiplayer matches. Many people blamed EA for rushing the game out the door in order to go head to head with its competitor, Call of Duty. That may be the case; however; when the game is working properly, and doing everything it should do right, it is a very neat experience. 

Single Player 

Battlefield has never been known for its single player story mode. I found that in this entry it tried to be more  a cinematic action-adventure type style. The big cinematic moments were cool, no doubt, but the story fell by the waist side. You play as a soldier named Recker, who goes on missions with his squad (Irish, Pac and Dunn) to pretty much find out who the bad guys are. There is conspiracy theories thrown here and their, but nothing really interesting ever happens. This single player campaign feels like it's more of a "must have" feature, rather than a actual thought out process. The single player mode is good to use sort of as a tutorial for the game. You can get use to the controls, which have been more updated with consoles and fit the typical shooter layout (L2/R2= Aim/Fire, R3=knife, & L3=Sprint). 


This is where the game shines the best. This is what Battlefield is and will probably always be known for, its multiplayer. The scale of the maps are crazy, they range from a resort type utopia, to a mountainous snow side prison. Each map comes with heavy destruction, from small buildings to windows and walls being blown completely away; however, its the level changing destruction triggers that change how each  is played. For instance, in a mode called Conquest, the goal is to secure flags, some of these flags might be posted up in a tall skyscraper and the only way to reach it is to take an elevator all the way up. Now, once this flag has been taken, whether by your team or the enemies, it is your job to hold that flag down. If the enemy wants to rush in and try and clear everyone out to take back the flag, they can, but if its overwhelming and can't be done, then they can simply bring down the tall building, by firing missles at the skyscrapers support stills. This changes everything, one moment the team who has taken over the flag is riding high and feeling good about their chances of winning, next minute a sudden tremor occurs and an alarm starts blaring, warning everyone to evacuate quickly before the building pancakes down. It's then you see all the soldiers up in the tower, frantically  trying to jump out windows to parachute as the building crumbles down. It was moments like this where Battlefield pulls you in for an excellent immersive experience. You are not just running around each map, spraying and praying for a kill. You are wanting to stick with your squad and help your team as much as possible, whether that's playing as the assault group and playing medic, or being the Recon loadout and help trying to spot snipers and planes in the air. If you see a lone wolf running around on the battlefield, chances are he lost his squad and is trying to stay alive. In my experience with the multiplayer i have yet to run into a game where my team isn't helping one another, with 32 vs 32 (conquest mode), everyone is somehow doing there part to shift the odds in your favor. 

*I reviewed this game after the first couple of patches, there is still bugs present but nothing game breaking like before* 

+ incredible multiplayer
+ Amazing destruction
+ 64 player battles/ Outstanding visuals

- Single player falls short
- Bugs plagued after launch
- Some audio issues