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Battlefield 4

New Details On Single-Player Campaign

We know. It's the multiplayer portion of the Battlefield series that keeps you coming back for more. For those of you who do like diving into the scripted scenario, there's some new information that EA and DICE have revealed about Battlefield 4.

Players will step into the boots of Sergeant Daniel Recker. He and Tombstone squad are in China on the verge of coup. Should Admiral Cheng make his move, the Russian government will back him up, possibly sending the entire world into turmoil.

Accompanying Recker are Marine Combat Lifesaver Clayton "PAC" Pakowski and Staff Seargeant Kimble "Irish" Graves. As we saw in the E3 trailer, Battlefield is looking stunning, with the kind of destructible environments that fans of the series crave.

Battlefield 4 arrives on October 25, 2013, on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will be coming later.

[Source: Battlefield Blog]

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  • Not spending 80 bucks for what will be a rehashed single player experience and probably an incomplete multiplayer with day 1 DLC.
  • also i thought it said Sgt. Daniel Ryckert at first, haha
  • let russia nuke US in the game so that BF5 takes place in a destroyed US
  • This is new?

  • I wonder which will decide that global conflict/doomsday scenarios have become boring first, CoD, or Battlefield.....
  • Man protagonist names get crazier and outrageous as time goes on lol, who's naming these guys....

  • Let me guess... there'll be some dude shooting at each other, uhh.. a few explosions... umm, many sequences of following someone. Yeesh, I hope the fps genre gets a refresher soon. Its so stale.

  • Well, we've fought against the Chinese and the Russians separately before. I guess Battlefield 4's hoping to excite people by combing the two to make a super villain out of them.

    Really, I'm not completely sure why Battlefield 4 doesn't become an online-only game. That's all most people play it for nowadays.
  • The plot makes the SP sound even more boring than it looks!

  • Always been a fan of the battlefield campaign.

  • i really just do not give a *** about the singleplayer, i will play it but the multiplayer for this game just looks too fun to care about the singleplayer portion

  • The BF campaigns have been hit and miss, so I'll remain hopeful. At least they acknowledge the flaws in BF3's campaign, I just hope it's as open and fun as they claim.

  • I enjoyed battlefield 2s campaign a great deal but I couldn't finish 3s it was like a rehash of call of duty campaign and it just wasn't what i was looking for.Although campaign isn't the main attraction I hope they make it good
  • That character model looks outstanding.
  • Excited about BF4, and I'm sure I'll get it at some point, but I've always disliked the fact that DICE has been wasting time, at EA's direction, in adding single player modes to their multiplayer games.

    The only one that even had a tolerable campaign was the original Bad Company, and I don't think I made it more than 3 or 4 levels into the BF3 campaign, and that mainly because my internet was on the fritz those days, and I had absolutely nothing else to do not even a book to read or show to watch.

    EA sucks for slowly making two of my favorite developers get worse and worse with time (DICE and Bioware).

  • Hopefully the story is better then 3.
  • It's definitely a weak main plot.  I hope the character interactions will be worthwhile. The dialogue was the one thing that made BF3's campaign tolerable.

  • So we've fought the Russians, the Chinese, the Cubans, and the Germans. When will a game come out featuring the american invasion of Canada? or the defense of a Canadian invasion? the franchise that uses this idea, will win the war between who's better!
  • I find it very weird that it mentions one guy as a combat lifesaver but the other two have their ranks. CLS isn't a job or a position a person holds, its just a two week class 1/3 of a unit usually ends up going through. Also why does dice always call small groups of troops a squad? A squad is 12 or 13 men. a fire team, the smallest organization of troops in the military is 4 guys.
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