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No One Gets Left Behind In The Battlefield 4 Single-Player Campaign Trailer

Most of Battlefield 4's coverage has been focused on the game's multiplayer component, but there will be a single-player, story-driven campaign in the game.

The story follows the exploits of a small squad evacuating American VIPs from Shanghai as they try to make their way home. They also adamantly refuse to leave anyone behind, which will you learn in the trailer below.

Battlefield 4 is coming to PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on October 29. Next-gen versions of Battlefield 4 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be available when the consoles launch on November 15 and 22.

Fore more on Battlefield 4 and its recent beta, head here.

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  • They may not have left anybody behind, but they certainly got themselves all killed.
  • I'm still undecided between this and Killzone Shadowfall as one of my first launch titles. I enjoyed Killzone 3's campaign a lot more than BF3's, but I enjoyed BF's multiplayer more, mostly because of the size of the maps.

    And for those who didn't know, Gamestop's Black Friday ad has apparently been leaked, and it has Battlefield 4 on sale for $30 on that Friday only.
  • As with COD: Ghosts, I'm going to wait for a used copy of this 6 months down the line.. I love the campaign in both COD and Battlefield but it's so damn short I refuse to pay full price. Also, that was a very incoherent trailer and didn't do a very good job of showing the campaign..
  • Looks good but all of that footage is probably from the PC.
  • Can't wait!!

  • I hope it's not as bad as Battlefield 3's campaign. Tried to hard to be like CoD. Close quarter fights, predictable (and unnecessary) character deaths, and nuclear and/or emp weapons. Here's to hoping this one is better.
  • i love Battlefield 4 game.
  • That black guy is already my favorite character, he seems like a pretty real dude.
  • Looks like a HUGE improvement from Battlefiled 3's not very good campaign.

  • ....Did anyone notice something at the 1:38 mark. Can't tell if that was pointed towards someone else.
  • WOW. That looks nice.

  • Can't wait!

  • I'm really anticipating bf4 but this didn't do much for me, I was lost in this trailer. Like what the hell is actually going on?
  • I can't remember the last time I completed a campaign in Battlefield (or COD for that matter), but these teasers have certainly peaked my interest.  If I can manage to sacrifice the few hours it would take to make my way through it, I might check it out.

    Who am I kidding?  It takes forever to progress in Battlefield's multiplayer.  I can't sacrifice that time.

  • WOW

  • Except their longtime fans! Oho!
  • In the picture above, the black man has no bottom teeth. Kinda looks like a beaver lol
  • He kicked a dog in the face... i don't think DICE did that with COD: Ghost in mind.
  • That looks really good. Really, surprisingly good. I'm excited at least.

  • Interesting. The story sounds like it'll be a lot better. The game looks freakin great. Now it just needs to be released.

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