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DICE Details Battlelog Improvements In Battlefield 4

Introduced in Battlefield 3, the Battlelog system showed promise as the primary interface for the PC version. Console fans, however, were less compelled to interact with it. DICE hopes to change that with Battlefield 4.

On next-gen consoles, the Batttlelog experience is nearly indistinguishable from the PC version and fully integrated into the game. In the top right corner of your screen, a quick glance will tell you how many friends are in BF4 matches and if you have any mission challenges available. If you want the full Battlelog experience, you can pull up the overlay at any time. Here, you get the full suite of features, including stats, weapon loadouts, leaderboards, and player profiles.

DICE is also doubling down on the connected experience with an improved companion app for mobile and tablet devices. Instead of just perusing your stats while away from the game, this new app gives you real-time functionality that can come in handy while you're in a map. Rather than diving into the menus to change your loadout in between respawns, you can use the touch interface (which DICE claims is more user friendly) to tweak your weapons. Hit save and you can immediately carry them onto the battlefield. You can also remote join another friend's game straight from the app. As soon as you select your new server, you will leave the game you're currently playing and jump into queue. The final banner feature for the new app is the Battle Screen, which allows squad leaders and commanders to issue orders directly from the app.

Other features worth noting are the Geo Leaderboards, which show you where you stand amongst other Battlefield players in your region, and a new emblem creation that lets you create a logo that appears on your gun, soldier, and vehicle.

To read a deeper dive on these features, head to the Battlefield blog.

Battlefield 4 launches on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on October 29. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions launch on November 12 and 19, respectively.

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  • The only improvement you can make to battle-log is its own removal.
  • After seeing how amazing BF4 looks, I can't wait to see Battlefront. It's gonna be like Battlefield in space.
  • So if battlelog is integrated into the game is it going to run on steam?
  • I like the sound of the Geo leaderboards. Would be funny if you pulled up the map and it shows some 80 year old guy down the street is better than you.
  • when October 29 Ps3 and xbox 360 open next November 12 and 19 Ps4 and Xbox one interesting most november open new ps4 and xbox one understand.
  • battlefield 4 people popular lucky fun war lot big map see visit war battlefield 4 enjoy.
  • I hated Battlelog.....Id rather load into the game and just have an interface in game.....
  • That's great and all, but I want to hear more about how the word "Levolution" came about.

  • I just wish there was an actual in-game interface and battlelog was supplemental rather than having to go through it even to access the campaign on PC
  • I understand everybody is gung-ho about multiplayer, but how about some more coverage on the campaign of B4 please??
  • Don't get me wrong, I love me some BF... but I just can't see myself picking up my phone and dicking with it in the 10 seconds between spawns.  Sorry.  

    I can see messing with my loadout and attachements at work :D.  Or playing as a commander.  But the app features that are supposed to integrate while I'm playing the actual game?  I just don't see that coming off.

  • Glad they're working with it still.

  • I cant wait for this game! Last year i got BF3 (i am late i know :D) and i played it for 6 hours straight! This game is SOOOOOOO Much better than The COD (multiplayer that is ) series. Cant wait!

  • I agree with some others, here. While some of the features won't be as enticing during the heat of battle, I could easily find myself experimenting with loadouts away from the game.  Although... It would be cool if I could teach my dog to change these for me.  "Maverick, switch me from Recon to Full Assault!"

  • Battlefield 4 vs COD: Ghosts...we all know COD takes the cake as far as dollar signs go but this Battlefield looks really good and we could see a changing of the guard.