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Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 Augmented With Battlelog

Battlefield 4 players will have new tools at their fingertips thanks to the game's Battlelog integration of your smartphone or tablet.

Your tablet or mobile phone can be used to see stats, configure your loadout, or find a server whether you're away from home or are playing and waiting between matches.

While you're playing the game you can also use your phone or tablet as a Battlescreen to bring up a real-time mini-map or set attack points.

Battlelog also allows you to set up Missions, which are challenges among your friends based around in-game achievements. Furthermore, a new Geo Leaderboards system lets you divide up the community to see who is the best in your city, country, or continent.

Battlefield 4 comes out on October 29 for the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Versions for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are also planned.

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  • Who else is more excited for this than COD Ghosts?
  • This is going to be really cool if it works the way they say it will

  • Any one else see the "Famas" assault rifle to the right in the picture? And the scar-h as an assault rifle?
  • God! I cant wait for the Fall Semester to end....2 Months of Battlefield on PS4.......

    P.S can Call of Duty top this? Im glad that Battlefield is slowly climbing to the top of FPS games and I hope it gets the recognition it deserves
  • Reminds me of the Halo and CoD app. This is good though, if not entirely necessary.
  • I really hope that they fix suppression and semi-automantic sniper rifles in Battlefield 4.
  • Never played any of the modern military shooters online, but this one's making a damn good case at why I should grab it. But yeah, I could care less about tracking my stats. Never understood why that was ever a thing...
  • Gee, you know what this sounds like? The F'in Wii U Gamepad.
  • This is kind of cool I guess, but honestly, who cares? It just seems so superficial in the long run.

  • The Geo leaderboards and missions are the coolest features. But, I'm still boycotting EA.
  • I misread the headline to say "Augmented With Battledog". A battlelog is disappointing by comparison.
  • I'm definitely going to try out the full real time map on my phone. Will be good to see areas the mini map doesn't show without having to pull up the full map on my screen. Can't wait to play on my X1!!! :)

  • if i can play online this is a definite buy always tried to play bf3 but it always said (oh u are to young to play this game online but im like what im 24 how is that to young play this freaking game screw u EA
  • Awesome

  • I'll be looking forward to seeing if this becomes accepted by players as a necessity for the game, or a superfluous attachment that seems tacked on. As for myself, I'm a bit skeptical. But hey, who knows!

  • So on the X1 could you open this in the browser and snap it to the side while you play? That way you could have it all on one screen. That would be fantastic.
  • Hope I'm the best in my city ;) and these are just gimmicks with the smart phone stuff to me. Only when I die will I have time to consult my phone lol. And I don't plan on dying much =)

  • I believe most of that is only available on the x1 (Surprise surprise) but its amazing to see how integrated modern consoles are.

  • They are advertising this Battlelog features, like the ability to change your soldier load-out, your vehicles load-out, on your mobile device. Well, that's cool, but, it's something that has been done on BF3 for PC, and has never been a trustworthy feature of Battlelog. Anybody that played BF3 on PC, knows that the load-out feature on Battlelog will sometime act funny and discard your preferences, and go to the default load-out without any notice. I've stooped playing BF3 just before E3(of this year) and this problem still wasn't completely patched.
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