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Two New Battlefield 4 Screens Offer Single And Multiplayer Peeks

Dice has offered two new Battlefield 4 screens that offer glimpses at both the game's single and multiplayer modes.

The image above is form the single-player game, specifically a mission called Angry Sea. The image below is from the multiplayer map, Siege of Shangai.

We recently gathered everything we know about Battlefield 4's multiplayer into one convenient bulleted list, which you can check out here. You can also check out the latest trailer for the game by heading here.

Battlefield 4 is coming to every home console (except Wii U) and PC in October.

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  • cool

  • I'm pumped for this game, but those screens aren't very exciting. I want to see gameplay!
  • Obviously Call of Duty Goast will be better.
  • Mmmmm... I like the sound of this on my PS4. 64 players.. In the words of Patrick, "I can alllmost taste it!"
  • My second most anticipated game this year behind GTA V, but only two screens is a massive tease.

  • I'd have to say the graphics for this game are amazing. Nonetheless, I feel this game (BF3)is a bit slow when it comes to action. The maps are too big and sometimes I find myself running one mile only to be killed by some sniper or camper. I don't blame others for playing this game but I'd rather play a more fast-paced game.
  • BF4 is the first game i'm getting for my PS4!

  • Quite some destruction you've got there Battlefield.
  • That second screen looks amazing.

  • Can't wait for this game to come out.

  • This game is going to be bananas! Just look at that second screen!
  • Not a huge Battlefield fan, but I might have to get this.
  • i wonder how gameplay online will look
  • if its better than the 3 i will b very suprised and amazed

  • I don't think I can handle anymore exploding buildings and first-person set pieces.

  • I can't afford a PS4 at launch so I hope this is as good on current gen as it is on next gen
  • Pretty pictures. But I want to see this in multiplayer.
  • Those pics are great but what I really want to see it more gameplay.
  • Patience, fellow Battlefielders. Multiplayer will more than likely be at Gamescom (Europe's E3) next month, as they did with Battlefield 3.
  • man.. I haven't seen anything of this game... well, not in video at least.. so can someone tell me, can we completely collapse buildings???
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