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Battlefield 4

Two New Screens Offer An Impressive Look At DICE's Latest

The Battlefield games have always looked great, but developer DICE has fine-tuned its Frostbite 3 engine for the fourth entry in the series. EA just released two new screens for the game and you can check them out for yourself.

These new screens show off the extraordinary amount of environmental details that DICE has been able to cram into Battlefield 4's locals. Check out the new screens above and below.

Battlefield 4 is coming to PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 sometime this Fall. Click here to read everything we already know about the game and don't miss the 17 minute long trailer of the game here.

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  • I'm not suprised

  • Not that impressive IMO
  • Looks amazing, I really hope I can get a Next gen xbox or ps4 to play this on.

  • Respectfully, Ben; it's "locales," with an "e," not "locals" when referring to places. On topic; I'm not a fan of Battlefield, but those screens look beautiful.
  • High res=/=best looking If the art style is awful.

    in this case, it's pretty bad.
  • I'd like to see some PS4 footage.

  • It's sure looking good, and that's coming off of BF3- which already looked spectacular.

  • COD fan boys are going to hate no matter what but i would not trade my copy of BF3 for every COD made. i agree this looks EPIC!
  • Now at least my character model will look amazing as I'm getting murdered every two seconds. On a serious note, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for 32 v 32 (or better) sized matches for consoles this time around. At least for next gen
  • Im just worried that this is going to turn out to be Battlefield 3.5 instead of a real sequel. :/
  • Too much color.
  • That's alot of effort to put together all those evironmental details. Especially considereing that that won't last long because I'm going to blow them up.

  • Yeah yeah, they said the same crap about Crysis 3. I love great graphics, but if the framerate drops below 30, your experience will be ruined.

  • Woah now, DICE! Tone down the color a little bit. Wouldn't want it to look too flashy!
  • I've never played a battlefield game besides 1943. I might pick this one up.
  • I assume those screens are from PC High settings. Looks good but not amazingly good.
  • Is anyone else getting sort of uncomfortable with how realistic war games are going to look next-gen? It seems unpleasant.
  • Whether or not the next gen consoles can handle 64 players will be the deciding factor for me buying this game.
  • Yeah, those screens are something else all right, but keeping great graphical consistency in live footage is more impressive to me.

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