The Support Class

These Machine Gun wielding brutes pack one of the heaviest punches on the battlefield. First off, lets look at the equipment. Starting out we have your standard C4, used for demolition of walls, doors, and vehicles. The C4 is deadly but you either have to be positioned in one spot to set up a trap or be up close and personal with a tank. For the next piece of equipment we have the M18 Claymore. The Claymore is a motion activated anti-personell mine. Two prongs stick into the ground and sense the ground for movement. Friendlies can not set off your Claymores. Personally i believe Claymores are not very good, I would much rather use them on the Recon class. Next we have my personal favorite, the M224 Mortar. This piece of equipment can rain 88 milimeter fragmentation and smoke shells on enemy positions. While it has a limited in range it is still very deadly and effective.

There are not very many Light Machine guns to use in BF3. They are all good in there own aspects but my recommendation is to use either the Type-88 with Bi-pod, ACOG (4x), and laser sight, or the M249 with the previous attachments. The M60 is good in terms of damage but lacks now in accuracy and rate of fire as compared to Bad Company 2. With the new suppression system rate of fire and accuracy are what matters most.

Tactics for support are simple: make your enemies' job hell. Keep them pinned down when defending objectives in rush. Stay in un-flankable positions, and make sure you have a good sight-line of the main path taken by the enemy. Use your bi-pod. The bi-pod is by far one of the most useful attachments in BF3, so use it. It greatly increases accuracy and assures an easy kill 80% of the time. Make sure to lock down areas both in rush and conquest. Stay in shadows and trees while using mortars to keep out of sight. Out of all of these tips none is more important then to resupply your team. Ammo is scares especially in the less populated conquest maps. 

The Support Class is a lot of fun. Just keep the game fun for others by supplying friendlies with ammo when they need it. If a guy is jumping in front of you he is most likely doing it for a reason (unless he/she are a COD player). Use your equipment and your bi-pod properly and your gonna start racking up some major points.

If you liked this guide please let me know, I will start making more and also start doing videos for it as well!  :)

-XBL- Fr0w3facK11Lr