Tanks. Yes, the annoying hunks of metal rolling around Battlefield 3. We love them, and hate them. I will attempt to show you how to hate them less, and love them more.

Using a Tank Effectively

• Getting around.

   1. While driving to your objective, keep an eye out for small black discs on the ground; those are Anti-          Tank mines, don't let them do their job of killing you.

   2. Don't abuse sprint. While driving long, stretches, on a straight road, that would be a good time to              boost, not on a narrow, curvy mountain road.

• Fighting Other Tanks

   1. It seems that most people can't fire, and move at the same time, and if you can, take advantage of the     fact that many people can't. Drive in circles around them, pop in and out of cover, etc.

   2. Aim for the sides, and backs of enemy tanks, while simultaneously defending your flanks. With that        said, flanking is a good strategy against tanks for reasons just stated.

• Fighting Infantry

   1. Support, and Engineer are the only classes that can harm your tank in any way.

   2. Use the LMG or HMG weapon to take infantry down, use your main gun to clear cover, kill many infantry at a time, shoot around corners, or at long ranges.


Killing a Tank on Foot

   • Firing from the same position twice is a bad idea, the tank will kill you by the second shot. As you fire a rocket from one position, while reloading, sprint to a new area, fire, and repeat.

   • Aim for the flanks or the back.  The back will cause the most damage, and the sides will do significantly more.

   • If you are a support with C4 and trying to destroy a tank, assess the situation.  If you think the tank hasn't seen you, go prone behind cover, wait for the tank to leave, and then C4 it.  Do not rush a tank head on.  


If you go to C4 a tank, do NOT stand in front or behind it.  It highly increases the chance that you get ran over.

   If you were a tank dummy before, now you shouldn't, unless you're a Tank Idiot. Good hunting.