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Operation Metro on Rush: Part 1 Objective A

Battlefield 3

Operation Metro on Rush: Part 1 Objective A

So here we go.


Personally, I find these guides a bit humorous and find most of them irrelevant. But I am contributing to my BF3 community and giving pointers to the nooblings out there...

Game Type: Rush
Map: Operation Metro
Position: Offense/Attackers
Class:  Recon
Weapon: SMG/Spray Rifle of your choice (P90 Silenced for me)
Equipment: Spawn Beacon, TUGS


Best Scenario: Going Left to Plant A

The first portion of Operation Metro Rush is outside in the park. There is plenty of rocks, walls, and trees to hide behind. I would suggest going far left along the wall to start. Many players rush B and believe it's the easier one to Arm so I go for the sneak attack on A.

Take your Time!

When you're coming up on A you have to keep an eye for the guys that are perched on the rock in front of the Arm spot. Stay away from the walkway with the roundabout and just stay left against the wall using the bushes as cover. Many people are going to disagree with this but hear me out. The influx of rush attacking of B has opened up attacking A for those lone wolf players. Arming each objective at the same time is the best way to go about achieving victory because the enemy forces must split up their defense. 

Now you may ask why I would use Recon? The answer is this: have you ever had to spawn in your base because your entire squad was dead? Yeah that's unfortunate. If I'm running left I will put the beacon where the brick wall makes a turn  on the edge of the map just before A. This allows me to quickly get back to where I was if I died and gives me the one up on the enemy that just killed me. I can use this as  away to bypass any unnecessary running time. 

The TUGS is used as soon as I arm the spot. I throw that bad boy down and wait for the onslaught of enemy forces quickly scrambling to unarm. This gives me a sense of where they are coming from and allows me to get the drop on them. 

I would suggest running with a teammate that is working with the support class because many times the equipment you lay down gets destroyed. Have your support class refill your beacon and TUGS so you have extras just in case. 

If you are able to get up to A with no problems then I suggest you run past it and place a beacon behind the rocks on the far left side (many snipers like to sit in this spot). Throw down your beacon in a bush where it's hard to see. The enemy team will still be able to hear it but if there is an objective armed they are usually a bit more careless. By doing this, it allows you to be behind the arm spot and more of a surprise to anyone that runs by you. I use a silencer for this reason exactly. Flanking is my forte and this is how to do it best, with the aid of a beacon. 

Now obviously you can't do this alone (most of the time) so make sure before you do anything crazy you have at least 2 allies supporting your attack. I suggest keeping a low profile for as long as you can before you go guns blazing because you will quickly die in most cases. I like to have one of them arm the objective because I can get a lay of the land and quickly take care of the enemies coming to defend. They are focused more on the objective than they are on getting rid of you. Take advantage of this.


Now this is the straight up laymans guide to getting A. There are some teammates that just don't cooperate or when the opposing team just really knows what they are doing. In any case - go for kills and get your points!

Worst Scenario: Spawn Trapped

I almost feel bad for the teams that my buddies and I trap in this first portion of the map. 
Go right. Get up as far as you can. Plant your beacon behind the farthest rock. Hope they don't find it.