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BF3-Assault Strike

Battlefield 3

BF3-Assault Strike

Admit it, a lot of players use different classes in Battlefield 3, but when your health bar is between 32% and 5%, you're in trouble. Playing BF3 using an assault class is life saving, but again, you have be careful of what you are doing. And that's why I am here to give you tips on your BF3 Assault Strike Guide.

1st Tip - When your health is around 30% and there are no enemies or friendlies nearby, heal yourself with a health pack until it reaches somewhere between 80-100%. Also, make sure you are able to get to cover easily while remaining unseen.

2nd Tip - Don't let your teammates die down there! Revive them! Especially when playing rush. When your ticket count is around 20, you better revive a lot of players to get back on track. Just make sure there are no enemies around to re-kill your teammate after you revive them.

Final tip- Make sure your health is good enough to fight. When your health bar is between 10-30%, don't fight. Find a medic to get your health bar up. If you happen to be the medic then look for a safe place with your teammates and drop down a medic kit to heal yourself. This allows you to get back into the fight!

More tips will be posted. By the way, this is my first post. Please reply if you want to.  :)