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Battlefield 3 Assault Class

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 Assault Class

First off, I want to talk about how useful this class is to the person using it. The assault class contains useful weapons for defending yourself, such as the M16 or AK-47. If you use these well-rounded assault rifles well, you can stay alive for a long time. Next, the assault class is usually equipped with a handy pistol in case your clip runs out in the middle of a firefight situation when you don't have any cover. I recommend the G17C. This handgun has a laser sight attached, and when you aim it at your enemies, they usually freak out and start jumping around like a schoolgirl trying to avoid your shots. On some occasions, enemies will keep their cool and start spraying in the general direction that the laser beam is coming from. Be prepared for this to happen. This class is also equipped with a medical pack that you can lay down to heal yourself and others around you. One example of how this can be useful is when me and a friend were playing some Conquest on Operation Metro. We were going after one of the flags when around 6 enemies pop up and start shooting at us. Me and my friend both dove for cover, but we still had been hit a few times. Since we were relatively close to each other, I threw down a medical pack between us and we both healed up and started shooting back. When we lost enough health, we ducked down behind our cover and took a second to heal. We had taken down 3 of the enemies, so we decided to make a run for the flag. We both tossed grenades, and ran from cover in a mad dash to kill the remaining enemies at the flag. We killed one soldier and wounded one other, but we still died. Nevertheless, this goes to show how useful the medical pack can be in crucial situations. Next is the defibrillator pads. These can be used to revive a teammate who had recently been killed. One example of how these can be helpful is another Conquest game on Grand Bazzar. My team was making a run for the flag in one of the alleyways when we were ambushed. We all dove behind cover, and immediatly I saw many of my teammates begin to reload, laydown health and ammo packs, and preparing explosives. It was just like one of those 5-on-5 firefights you see on TV. Bullets were ricotcheing all around me and my squad. Grenades and mines were exploding. People were diving out of the way just in time as and RPG would come screaming down the alley. I was sharing cover with a nice guy who was running assault class. I was running Support at the moment. Eventually, I was killed. As I watched the killcam, I began to fear for my team and how they would fare in capturing the flag. All of a sudden, I was returned to the scenario I was in before I died and I realized that my teammate had revived me with the defibrillators. He also threw down a health pack. The same thing continued over and over. I died about 5 times and he kept on reviving me. Eventually, he was taken down by a sniper. In the end, our team prevailed and we captured the flag. I could hear sighs of relief and victory cheers from all my teammates who had just captured the flag with me. Another useful tool is the M230 grenade launcher. It can be used to clear out pesky groups of enemies hiding behind doorways. It can also be used to launch smoke grenades. Smoke grenades can create lots of confusion among soldiers in radius of the smoke. If your enemies can't see, they can't adequatly defend themselves. One time on Operation Metro, my teammates launched a smoke grenade at the enemy position. They couldn't see and we were easily able to flank them and stealth kill the entire enemy force. I got 3 stealth knife kills out of the whole ordeal. This goes to show many of the ways that the Assault class in Battlefield 3 can be a huge help for you and your entire team as well.