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Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3: Aftermath Trailer

The fourth expansion for Battlefield 3, Aftermath, launches today for premium members on PlayStation 3. The content adds four new urban maps, a new Scavenger mode, a crossbow, ten new assignments, dog tags, trophies, achievements and more.

Below are the dates when Aftermath launches for everyone else:

PlayStation 3

  • Battlefield 3 Premium Members - November 27
  • Battlefield 3 Players - December 11

Xbox 360 and PC

  • Battlefield 3 Premium Members - December 4
  • Battlefield 3 Players - December 18

  • I'm sick of Battlefield 3. The game is not fun at all...
  • I like Battlefield, and this expansion gives me another reason to go back and play this game again.

  • So how long until Activision sues EA and asks for an injunction because one of the maps on Black Ops 2 is called Aftermath? Or vice versa for that matter.
  • Meh, still not convincing me to get back into this game

  • Disappointed there's no new regular weapons. Those were actually my favorite parts of the DLCs.
  • Battlefield 3: Pew pew boom BOOM! trailer

  • While all the console kids are playing blops 2. I'll stick to play bf3 on pc.
  • A game releasing DLC at reasonably spaced intervals? That's crazy!
  • My body is ready
  • Releases on Xbox same day as far cry 3. Rude!
  • Eh, looks just like regular Battlefield to me.
  • ready!

  • I want that crossbow. Give it to me!

  • The video quality on your site is, lacking. It'd be nice if you would just embed the official release on youtube.
  • 1:02 Time to take the kids to the soccer game.  

  • To quote one of my boy's tags on PSN...

    "Man up. Play Battlefield."
  • BF3's trailer always make me want to go play.

  • I wish I had BF3.
  • I like Battlefield but I prefer the Bad Company series to the regular (at least for consoles). For BF3 (on consoles) it felt like most of the maps were still too big for the lowered player count. BC2 had the right sized maps and the right amount of destructibility. Sad really because I personally like this series over CoD (not that either one is "better" than the other).
  • Must. Get. That. Crossbow!

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