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Battlefield 3

Full 12-Minute Fault Line Series In One Video

EA DICE has released the full footage for its Fault Line trailer series for Battlefield 3. This new video contains never-before-seen gameplay and the most extensive look at the powerful Frostbite 2 engine to date.

The game just keeps looking better and better. Call me a cog in the hype machine if you must, but that's a role I'm happy to play with something this awesome. Given DICE's track record, I'm not even worried about them screwing it up.

For more Battlefield 3 action, check out the original Fault Line trailers here, the My Life trailer here, or head to our Battlefield 3 hub to see the buckets of exclusive content from our cover story a few issues back.

  • 12 minutes?! You're showing the entire single player campaign!!
  • I am so HYPED! This game looks impressive.
  • This looks SOOO good! especially the last bit, as the building falls. Everything looks just like a movie... Will be a definite buy for me.
  • At least your screen isn't covered with your own jelly. Haven't played Battlefield in awhile, can't tell you how happy I am to see a campaign hitmarker again.
  • This game looks simply gorgeous. Oh and you do realize this article was posted 3 times in a row.
  • This was entertaining to watch, let alone play.

  • I'm right there with you, this game is going to blow away the expectations I have for it, no matter how high they are.

  • Hopefully we get what people seem to think will be the greatest shooter of all time.
  • At 5:00 when he throws the grenade at the RPG in the building, I was like Lolz fail because I though he had totally missed... Then the cover blew up and so did my mind! The realistic destruction looks stunningly beautiful and I can't wait to play this game!
  • Definitely looking awesome, but a little devil's advocate here: not loving the enemies charging straight forward into tons of fire "human wave"-style---especially evident in the bit where Black's on the bridge with the LMG. Hopefully the final product won't have as much of a shooting gallery feel to it.
  • Yes!!!! So sick!!!!

  • Ohhh that was so good. Also, anyone else notice how your M4 carries 31 rounds instead of just 30 if you reload mid-clip? Nice touch DICE. Nice touch.
  • Hopefully the campaign will be lengthy
  • looks much nicer than crysis 2
  • Be right back. Need to go change my pants.

  • Amazing graphics aside, it looks like just another military shooter campaign. And I don't see any sign that the story will be that great either. I respect DICE, but I won't buy a game for graphics.
  • This is the deffinition of amazing. The destruction looks incredible. The last couple seconds have got me so HYPED! What city is that at the 11:44? Somebody speculatize

    Battlefield 3 can't come soon enough!

  • This is why Battlefield kicks cods ass! Call of Duty has been using the same engine for over 4 or 5 games now! This is DICE's 3rd entry

    into a trilogy and they already created an awesome and powerful new engine!

  • Every time I watch another trailer, I get so excited about the release it keeps getting better and better.

  • this game is very impressive in by books
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