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  • Blog Post: Not the Call of Duty Killer We Expected

    Battlefield 3 is definitely NOT the "Call Of Duty Killer" as it was originally believed. It actually shares a lot with COD, and only really has better graphics in the end. The Campaign is horrible, with a less interesting story than MW3, which this game was clearly trying to compete with. The... More
  • Blog Post: Still the one of the best online shooters out there!!!

    I played through this and like everyone else I was impressed!!! I did have a few minor complaints. The fact that they added night vision, but that their new light source engine made it impossible to change the level lighting outside scripted events. The fact that this made certain levels with glass panes... More
  • Blog Post: Battlefield 3: Incredible multiplayer, dull campaign

    So here is a game that I think we all have been watching closely. It's kind of the game to beat CoD. In a lot of ways it does just that. BF3 looks great, and it plays great. weapons feel good, controls are tight, it's tough, but in a good way. You can die easily (like 3 shots and dead), so you... More
  • Blog Post: Best FPS i've played to date

    First off, i would like to point out that i am not a fanboy, and i own Modern warfare 3, as well as battlefield 3. (both have their high and low points) Anyway, onto BF3 The graphics are arguably the best for any video game released to date. Gameplay is all around good, i absolutely loved the campaign... More
  • Blog Post: Battlefield 3 bring the war to modern warfare

    I couldn't wait until Battlefield 3, and when it came out, it was really good. It's give Modern warfare 3 a real challenge to win Best shooter. Graphics are great. Some glitches, but enviroments and explosions are outstanding looking. Score and voice acting are good. Story all right. Multiplayer... More
  • Blog Post: What else could you want in a shooter?

    10 all the way, and DICE definately worked for it! My friends and I had been following Bf3 for months before it released, and we couldn't be more satisfied! Battlefield 3 is everything we hoped it would be and then some. With tons of playability in a multiplayer mode where almost anything can happen... More
  • Blog Post: A pathetic excuse for a Battlefield 2 sequel

    Almost seven years ago, in 2005, Battlefield 2 was released. While Call of Duty was still storming the beaches at Normandy (and securing a beach head in the console market), BF2 was without a doubt a hallmark game for the military-based first person shooter genre. Through it's innovative, communication... More
  • Blog Post: Best Game I Have Ever Played!!!

    Its a great game and the only FPS i play i got bored of MW3 faster than i did with CoD Black Ops its true i hate CoD now I don't know if its the weapons the camping but i hate so i gave up on it now back to Battlefield 3 this game is great the graphics the vehicles the gameplay its just awesome!... More
  • Blog Post: Amazing Game - Best FPS 2011!

    This game is definatley the best FPS of 2011! It deserves a lot more than it got! The graphics are amazing especially with the new Frostbite 2 engine. Not just the multiplayer, but the entire game is the closest you can get to the real thing. It is the most realist game you will every play! It is definatley... More
  • Blog Post: Hail to the New King

    Battlefield 3 steped up its game this year to compete with Modern Warfare 3. Theyve beenn working on this title for 3 years now, so is it woth your money? Has it dethroned the king? this game looks beautiful. Smoke effects are amazing and the lighting system is revolutionary. Some screens of this game... More
  • Blog Post: Battlefield 3 unbias review

    Pros: Epic Graphics Awesome Story mode Insane amount of customization one of the best online servers Cons: no split screen multiplayer no offline multiplayer More
  • Blog Post: *tears*

    This game.......this the best FPS ever crafted. The graphics are the best a game has ever seen, and the campaign is the best FPS campaign ever created. Realistic, suspenseful, funny, the campaign beats CoD by a mile. The multiplayer is AMAZING...and I love the fact they added team Deathmatch... More
  • Blog Post: Battlefield 3 Review

    Battlefield 3, developed by DICE Entertainmen t, is the long awaited Battlefield 2 sequel. DICE succeeds in delivering an adrenaline filled multiplayer, providing a nearly flawless online play that combines expansive big - team battles with the explosive DICE engine. What the game lacks is a strong single... More
  • Blog Post: Battlefield’s Impressive Multiplayer Suite Towers Over A Lackluster Campaign

    If there's one thing Battlefield does right, it's scale. The second you spawn onto one of the game's massively expansive maps, you instantly get a feel of just how huge of a scope Battlefield is able to project. And it's all player controlled. The jets speeding overhead, dipping and diving... More
  • Blog Post: Best Fps ive ever played

    This is the best first person shooter i have played. it still has its issues and bugs but is an overall good game. I have enjoyed it so far and i will be getting back to it after skyrim More
  • Blog Post: Not bad...Not bad...Worth the wait.

    After really liking Battlefield 2 but hating the whole Anti-Hacking Program hating me on the PC version and luckily never playing the Console version way back for BF2. Battlefield 3 is one of those games I am happy to see. As I do or did like Call of Duty line of games but the thing is that they did... More
  • Blog Post: It seems DICE hyped up this game more that they delievered. Yet they brought a amazing game to our hands.

    My time with Battlefield 3 has been spectacular. Jumping off the cliff in Damavand Peak in Rush while shooting a RPG to a enemy tank in the process disabling it, just to knife the enemy who got out of it is amazing. It's moments like these that makes Battlefield a truly amazing FPS where unrivaled... More
  • Blog Post: Review - Me, BF3

    I bought Battlefield 3 mainly because I've owned almost every one in the series. This review is catered towards those who haven't experienced Battlefield. This is a trinket of the experience, if you will. As you know, your typical FPS multiplayer focuses heavily on leveling up and weapon progression... More
  • Blog Post: It's all about the shenanigans...

    The campaighn is lackluster, we all know that. But we also know none of us bought it for the campaighn. The multiplayer has been amazing and whenever something starts to feel dry or boring I discover something else that makes me itch to come back. Possibly the greatest battlefield moment for me was when... More
  • Blog Post: The new FPS Champion

    Just playing the beta gived me the chills. This game is the closes to warfare reality. MW3? what MW3? Battlefield will smack Modern Warfare to the ground. No more 360 sniper, quick scope. No more noob tubes. I am leaving MW3 for stories, while BF3 will dominate FPS. More
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