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  • Blog Post: Battlefield 3 unbias review

    Pros: Epic Graphics Awesome Story mode Insane amount of customization one of the best online servers Cons: no split screen multiplayer no offline multiplayer More
  • Blog Post: *tears*

    This game.......this the best FPS ever crafted. The graphics are the best a game has ever seen, and the campaign is the best FPS campaign ever created. Realistic, suspenseful, funny, the campaign beats CoD by a mile. The multiplayer is AMAZING...and I love the fact they added team Deathmatch... More
  • Blog Post: oorah, not hooah

    PROS: The entire game is fantastic! CONS: I am a prior a Marine, and Battlefield 3 is about marines, so I know that we say oorah, and not hooah (army). I don't feel disrespected by this, it just upsets me that a game as well done and researched as battlefield 3, specifically as far as how realistic... More
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