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  • Blog Post: Just Another Generic Game

    I definitely see why the game was praised a lot: great MP, nice graphics, amazing sound, ect... But honestly people, the game wasn't that good to begin with. I'm not saying I don't like the game, I play the MP every now 'n' than, but this game to me, is just another generic shooter... More
  • Blog Post: Best Fps of 2011

    first off graphics are amazing everything looks very real. gameplay is outstanding both on campaign and on multiplayer. sounds amazing really feels like ur like there cuz it all weaves together so great... im not one to play online on any games but i figured why not give it a try and it ws amazing id... More
  • Blog Post: Battlefield 3 unbias review

    Pros: Epic Graphics Awesome Story mode Insane amount of customization one of the best online servers Cons: no split screen multiplayer no offline multiplayer More
  • Blog Post: It seems DICE hyped up this game more that they delievered. Yet they brought a amazing game to our hands.

    My time with Battlefield 3 has been spectacular. Jumping off the cliff in Damavand Peak in Rush while shooting a RPG to a enemy tank in the process disabling it, just to knife the enemy who got out of it is amazing. It's moments like these that makes Battlefield a truly amazing FPS where unrivaled... More
  • Blog Post: Battlefield 3: Beautifully Crafted and Painfully Broken

    Seldom do I encounter games that boast a great deal of potential for success and timing that might allow them to overtake a genre. Usually, the games I buy are either leaders of the genre - already established through previous and successful entries - or good examples of them, utilizing features that... More
  • Blog Post: Amazing game.

    Wow. Battlefield 3 is finally out. Ive been playing it ever since I picked it up at the midnight release and I am loving it. The game looks amazing, and it feels very smooth to play. The audio is probably the best I have heard in any game. The destructable environments are even better now thanks to the... More
  • Blog Post: CANT SAY

    can't say it is amazing because I got it on ps3, and i'm getting a ps3 on Christmas. More
  • Blog Post: The Good vs Bad when it comes down to Battlefield 3

    Battlefield has been one of my favorite shooters since Bad Company. The realism, amazing visuals, and just overall good time the series had to offer kept me hooked for hours in the single-player and months in the multiplayer, but can Battlefield 3 do the same? Find out by reading on in my review! Usually... More
  • Blog Post: Umm

    A good game with a kinda short story and enough multiplayer add ons to last me until Medal of Honor 2, I'm glad with the purchase of this game and I hope to see people get this and be happy with it as well. Good job Dice. More
  • Blog Post: My review on BF3

    This is a game with great story, great graphics, great gameplay and great soundtrack. 10/10 for these, but 7 hours of singleplayer gameplay on hard difficulty. It is too short and the end scene is just one minute of normal fight. They could have done more, but still BF is greater than CoD for me. More
  • Blog Post: Incredible, but it could have been even better

    [Battlefield 3, Xbox 360 review: 9.5/10] Battlefield 3 marks the first time I've gone to a midnight release, come home, fired up the 360, and... had to clear up hard drive space in order to get the full experience. I went with the "install game to HD" option (7.3 Gb) but you should install... More
  • Blog Post: Battlefield 3 Single Player Review PS3

    First person shooters have come a long way since the days of Wolfenstein and Doom. Battlefield 3 developer DICE has built one the prettiest games ever seen on the Playstation 3. I love my Playstation, but DICE has created an engine that gives the console trouble in some spots, that result in some texture... More
  • Blog Post: Single Player Review

    If you are only buying Battlefield 3 for the multiplayer, replace the 5.5 above with a 9.5 and be on your way...Go on now. Are they gone? Ok, if you are still here that means you only bought Battlefield 3 for the single player. Some multiplayer only folks may still be reading this, and they will have... More
  • Blog Post: Setting the new standards for the FPS Genre

    Battlefield 3 is the way a shooter should be. Good looking, realistic gun control, LOTS of awesome guns... You know what, I could go on and on about the pros of this game. But of course, we're into this game for the multiplayer, right? Well, maybe you should check out the campaign. I agree with the... More
  • Blog Post: Most Polished Battlefield To Date

    My review is based off the XBox 360 version of the game. You know you're in for a show when you open the game case and there are two disks, one for the single player campaign and the other for multiplayer. Then, to top it off, the game prompts you to load 2.5 GB of HD content to your hard drive to... More
  • Blog Post: Amazing game, worth the wait, and then some.

    This is by far my favorite battlefield, and the best FPS I have had the liberty to ever play. Yes I know people will call me a fanboy, but as someone who has never purchased battlefield, and have bought every COD since 4 I have to say I don't care. My version is for PS3, and while it may not look... More
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