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  • Blog Post: Battlefield 3 unbias review

    Pros: Epic Graphics Awesome Story mode Insane amount of customization one of the best online servers Cons: no split screen multiplayer no offline multiplayer More
  • Blog Post: *tears*

    This game.......this the best FPS ever crafted. The graphics are the best a game has ever seen, and the campaign is the best FPS campaign ever created. Realistic, suspenseful, funny, the campaign beats CoD by a mile. The multiplayer is AMAZING...and I love the fact they added team Deathmatch... More
  • Blog Post: Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Review

    Battlefield 3 on the Xbox 360 has turned out to be really impressive. My expectations had been lowered because I saw footage of the PC version (which is out of this world), and then saw footage on the 360 version that was slightly less impressive looking. I'm happy to say that there wasn't one... More
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