I definitely see why the game was praised a lot: great MP, nice graphics, amazing sound, ect... But honestly people, the game wasn't that good to begin with. I'm not saying I don't like the game, I play the MP every now 'n' than, but this game to me, is just another generic shooter like CoD.

When I play a game, like BF or CoD for that matter, I always play the single-player first, 'cause I want to know the controls and sometimes I'm interested in a games' story. BF3's campaign is not that good. I liked three missions in the game (Comrades, Thunder Run, and Kaffarov), but the rest are a waste of time, the story isn't original or memorable at all, the A.I. can be an annoyance, and QTE's are just unneeded. The characters aren't interesting either. Just go in, kill the bad guys, come back alive, that's it.

Another thing people loved about this game were the graphics, claiming the game looked very realistic. I completely disagree. Sure facial details and textures are nice, but they just make the game look so generic, I get tired just looking at the game its self. Plus, there's screen tearing, which hurt my eyes a lot.  Sound design is also a misstep. it works at certain points in the, especially with the sound of sniper rifles and shotguns, but the sound effects never seem to catch up with it. The reloading sound usually never occurs, sound of bullets flying by you get cutoff, and it gets really annoying when it happens.

Than there's the "world's famous" MP, which is really fun, if you can find the server. I like TMD and RUSH in BF3. The maps can be fun to play in, especially the medium sized maps. However,  conquest can be tiresome for me, mainly on the Caspian Border map. In game modes, like RUSH and Conquest, allow you to use a wide variety of vehicles to use on the map. The issue with that is that the map can be sometimes to big. Caspian Border is a HUGE map in BF3, in conquest, it's hard to find anyone in this map since there's only 24-players on console and they're all using the vehicles. Also, where's the TEAMWORK! This game is supposed to have players use teamwork, and all I see are people running around shooting other players like they're playing CoD!

The worst part about the MP is that it can be full of hackers. I couldn't find one game that didn't have a bunch of cheaters on it. Than there's the weapons in MP, sure they look cool to use, but their firepower is just...(sigh). Look I get some of these weapons strength is good, but the weapons that are supposed to be powerful, aren't even close to powerful. I hate the shotguns in this game, first of all, they act freaking sniper rifles in this game, and that isn't even a cheat! The sniper rifles in this game, while some I understand their firepower, are very weak. The healing system is just unacceptable. You can heal anybody that's been shot anyway in their body. I shoot someone in the head, they can be healed, killed someone with a shotgun, they got healed, shot somebody with an RPG (a F**king RPG!) and that's survivable? Seriously?

Alright don't call me a hater or nothing, but i really thought I was getting a great game right here. Instead I got another hyped generic shooter.