Let me start off by saying this game is absolutely amazing! It's perfect in every single way! The campaign is the BEST campaign I've ever played! You'll mostly hear the soldiers say the f-bomb all the way through. That's pretty awesome! In the beginning of the game, you're a soldier being interrogated by a bald guy in fine clothing. You really feel intimidated during these cut-scenes. You're being forced to retell your story to this bald guy in fine clothing. People might say that this is an exact rip-off from Call of Duty Black Ops, but I say "NO!" In Black Ops, you're being interrogated by a faceless guy, but in here, you're being interrogated by a bald guy in fine clothing - which is TONS better! 

The campaign is extremely linear. But this is just amazing! If it were more open like the other games, it won't be as fast paced as running down an ally way. Don't worry! It still feels like BF! As there is a level that has you driving a tank in a very beautiful, brown desert! The graphics are amazing, and just the overall look is incredible! The grass is green and the dirt is brown. I wouldn't have it any other way. The graphical prowess is unmatched! If you look all the way down, you get to see your legs. You actually have legs in this shooter! This is extremely unique - especially compared to today's standards. I don't know a single shooter, scifi or modern, that has this kind of realism! Being able to look at your legs is revolutionary. 

The guns are extremely realistic! I have not seen a single game with this kind of realism in weapons! Realism is all that matters in a game like Battlefield! Having recoil is necessary! It may not be overly fun, but it's realistic, and that's what Battlefield is all about. So, I welcome all the recoil! The vehicles in the game is fun as well! The helicopters are nearly impossible to kill - especially if an engineer is in there. But if you try and use the Stinger to destroy the helicopter, you'll probably get banned from the game by admins. I'm completely fine with this! That's your fault for disobeying their rules! You may also get banned for being too good. Again, this is a good thing. Because nobody wants to play with good players. Everyone should be sure to be fair, and share the kills. None of that lone wolf stuff! This is Battlefield after all. 

There's also a coop mode! This is pretty much just the same as the campaign, but with people! The coop is insanely fun, because the campaign was fun, and since this is a copy and paste feature from the campaign, this is fun. In one level, you're able to drive a helicopter. I love this mission, because if I'm in the gunner seat, I don't have to do anything in the level, because the weapon isn't very powerful! This gives me time to use the bathroom, and eat my dinner. Trust me, you'll have a good time with coop. 

This is one of THE best games I have ever played. I recommend this game to everyone! Even if you like RPGs and racing games alone, you'll love this masterpiece. If you don't own this game, go buy it! You're not doing yourself justice. Battlefield 3 is as revolutionary as shooters can get! I really don't want a Timesplitters 4 or a Half-Life 3, because I'll be playing this beautiful work of art for the rest of my life! 



Characters: Bald guy in fine clothing=Thumbs Up 

Weapons: Recoil=Thumbs Up

Story: Typical military adventure=Thumbs Up

Setting: Deserts and grass=Thumbs Up 


Note* This was written for comical purposes due to the boredom of the author. Thank you, and have a good day.