Battlefield 3 is definitely NOT the "Call Of Duty Killer" as it was originally believed. It actually shares a lot with COD, and only really has better graphics in the end.

The Campaign is horrible, with a less interesting story than MW3, which this game was clearly trying to compete with. The graphics are amazing, although I would reccomend downloading the 2GB graphics update. It looks a lot better. It only last for about 5 hours, and has a happy, although definitely suprising ending. The campaign can definitely be skipped and isn't worth it to anybody other than those who don't play online all that often.

The Co-Op is like the the co-op missions in MW3, and they are more fun here than on COD. They are challenging for people like me, and just fun for more skilled players, I imagine. It is definitely worth playing at least a couple of times for when you get tired of playing the multiplayer, if you ever can.

The Multiplayer is amazing. It is definitely better than MW3, both with gunplay and graphics. The maps are a lot larger than CODs, which is a good excuse to have all the fun you can with vehicular mayhem. The game modes are mostly stuff already seen in games like COD, but they have a different feel and are a lot more playable. Although this game isn't as friendly to noobs as MW3 is, which should make playing COD a walk in the park after fighting in a park in Battlefield 3.

This game is an easy buy for any shooter fan who wants to see what EA can have on the shooter market and for anybody looking for a break from all the fast paced fun action of COD. This is a more than worthy replacement of COD, if not a better one at times.