I am a huge Battlefield fan since 1942.  This game was a disappointment in my opinion.  Battlefield 2, 2142, and BC2 are far more fun than it.  The bad: Huge balance issues, mediocre maps, exploits, Terrible singleplayer, far less destruction than the previous game, medpacks for assault class, horrible server side management of latency caused by out of region players (which has never been an issue in any other BF game), tons of people intentionally joining game modes to try and ruin it for others in various ways which constantly makes the teams uneven.  The good: graphics, capture the flag, some cool weapons, good animations, prob best machineguns ever in BF game, pretty cool motion blur effects in certain sequences.  The only reason it sold so well was the ridiculous amount of marketing towards young people, and pre orders from the far superior previous game BC2.  The only reason people love it is because many of them have never played the other previous games in the series, and don't know what they are missing.