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Still the one of the best online shooters out there!!!

I played through this and like everyone else I was impressed!!!  I did have a few minor complaints.  The fact that they added night vision, but that their new light source engine made it impossible to change the level lighting outside scripted events.  The fact that this made certain levels with glass panes that never broke a bit annoying.  Or that after waiting for a few minor game mechanic changes in single and multi-player, it looks like we'll be waiting for the fourth installment in the series....  That being said, I had a blast with the single player missions!!!  I never really gave the overall look of the game enough credit until the act that the convoy get ambushed in the woods by snipers.  I was shocked at just how good everything looked!!!  Not to mention they brought a whole new level of vehicles into play.  However, like a lot of people.  I've got some of my favorite memories of squad based shooting in Bad Company: 2....  I can't think of another title I've been able to get near as many "Steel Wings" into.  Truth be told, I'm still wondering how much the last piece of DLC will mean to the gaming community.  Now that BF4 is on the way....


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