Battlefield 3 is the latest game in a long running FPS series. I love all the previous Battlefields, but this one is the best by far. Battlefield 3 does have a single-player campaign to play, but it should not be the reason you would buy this game. BF3 is to be played for the MP.

Unlike most shooters where the multiplayer matches take place in smaller sized maps where everyone is running around with shotguns, BF3 takes place in sprawling maps that are around a square mile in size. The game maxes out at 64 player matches that fit well with the size of the maps. It is recommend though that when you start a match, go straight to a vehicle, because the maps are so large that you need to get to your objective quickly. Vehicles move smoothly and pack a nice punch with weapons, when you have team mates joining you in the vehicle it becomes even more fun where on player is watching the other players back. If you manage to get a good team this makes matches highly enjoyable. 

BF3 is a very team based MP game. Your team is divided into smaller squads, which is recommended that you stay with them and back them up. There are 4 class types on the game. The first class is the Medic, which is there to heal teammates or revive them if they are down. When it comes to reviving a team mate you get 100 points, which is as many as you get for getting a kill, this shows the importance of team based gameplay, reviving a teammate is just as important as killing an enemy. The game encourages team work even more by giving you bonus points for healing a squadmate by giving you 150 points for a revive and 50 points for healing the squad mate. BF3 encourages teamwork like no other game I have played. By giving these bonus points the game makes you want to stay with your squad. The Engineer is the vehicle class, their duty is to repair vehicles with the repair tool, or destroy them with mines or a rocket launcher. When it comes to repairing a vehicle the game again encourages great team work, by repairing a vehicle that you squad mate is in you get bonus points as well. The Support class carries a light machine gun and is tasked with giving supportive fire to distract the enemy, they also supply the team with ammo. When giving supporting fire you get support kill points and when helping you squad with supporting fire you get bonus points added to the supportive fire points. Last is the Recon, they are the snipers and are tasked with taking enemies out at a distance and put down spawning devices that are used to, put your team behind enemy lines. Every time a teammate spawns on the Recons spawning device the Recon player gets points and bonus points for squad mates. It is best when in squads to have each player in your squads be one of these classes. As you can see the game does a great job at encouraging teamwork with the team and the squads. The developers did a great job at encouraging team work and make it almost like real war where the squads find ways to flank the enemies.

There are different MP modes like conquest, where there are multiple flags throughout the map that the each team is tasked at capturing and holding these flags. Each team starts out with a certain amount of tickets and when you team hold more than half the flags the opposing teams ticket begin to drain. Killing the enemies, increases the speed in which the ticket drain. Rush is another mode where there are are pair of devices called M-Com stations where one team is tasked with protecting them and the other team must destroy them. If the attacking team manages to destroy the M-Coms the defending team must move back an defend the next pair until there is not more M-Coms left. There is usually around 4 pairs of M-Coms stations on a map. The defending team can hold of the attacking team by draining their tickets before the attacking team can manage to destroy the pair of M-Coms. Rush is very team based, more so than Conquest. While most shooter put kills ahead of any things else BF3 put objectives ahead. Just arming an M-Com station to blow gives you 200 points the equivalent of 2 kills, then when the station is destroyed that nets you 800 points. The objectives are best reached through teamwork.

There is a single player campaign on BF3 that is fun to play about once all the way through. It has a very CoD style story about mercenaries and terrorists that attempting to use a nuke in New York City. BF 3 is a very team based MP game with large maps and some of the best graphics I have seen in a video game. If you want a shooter that put objectives ahead of simple kills BF 3 is for you. Just a warning though if you are new to the BF series, there is a slight learning curve.