So here is a game that I think we all have been watching closely. It's kind of the game to beat CoD. In a lot of ways it does just that. BF3 looks great, and it plays great. weapons feel good, controls are tight, it's tough, but in a good way. You can die easily (like 3 shots and dead), so you have to keep your wits about you. Normally I would hate that, but the game is so well put together that I don't mind. It's fun even if you suck at it like I do. The multiplayer is probably the best I've ever seen in a modern shooter. The maps have so much detail and are so huge and expansive. The environments are destructible to the max and the vehicles are a great addition...provided you have a PHD in Rocket Science. (you'll need it to fly the damn planes). Needless to say when it comes to Multiplayer BF3 puts CoD to shame. It also has a very good visual style that most modern shooters lack. I could pick this out from a crowd whereas Homefront and CoD look way too similar. The major problem with BF3 though is the single player. It's dull, uninspired and just not very engaging. I really didn't care about the story and had a hard time finishing it. There aren't any real exciting moments. Voice acting is good and some of the banter between soldiers is great. But I honestly can't remember anybodies names or most of what happened in the story. It's nonsensical, unoriginal and I've seen it all before. Your typical shooter story really. Not even a good one at that. I hate to say it but at least CoD's stories are exciting. BF3 felt dull,  tacked on really. It also suffers from several moments of slow down and lagging bugs. Also, the quick time events are just annoying and not needed. But overall it's a good game, the amazing multiplayer more than makes up for the bad single player. That's really what this game was made for and it's what I bought it for, BF3 is truly a worthy rival to MW3. 

9.5 out of 10