Just saying everybody who gave it BELOW an 8 or even a 7 is an idiot, troll, fanboy who probably hasn't really even played the game, or just is biased.. Now, onto my review. I know what people say about the campaign, but I personally loved it. The deaths were not expected, but were actually believeable. The main story might've been a little cliched, but what happened in the game itself was different than what was done before. Now, the score: The score is absolutely amazing, and after I right this, I will proceed to buy it off of iTunes. The music isn't always blaring in your ears, but when it is playing, it really compliments the game. The mulitplayer is one word: competely expectation- shattering. I was maybe a little scared about how Battlefield 3 would be, but all my doubts were put to death. The multiplayer is amazing. You can't wait to get your next unlock, and DICE doesn't shove a new unlock down your throat every game, conquest NEEDS teamwork, and so does rush, which seperates battlefield from other FPS games. I have played Battlefield since the beginning and it is amazing to see how it has grown. The sound is absolutely amazing, and as are the graphics if your pc can support it. Best graphics I have EVER seen in an FPS, and best sound. I have been playing this since Oct. 25th, and the dust has already cleared, but the awesomeness still remains. I really think this game is awesome! I have played tons of multiplayer and beat the campaign. I truly recommend this title to anybody who likes FPSs. It blows the competition away. It's just shame that some trolls *cough*huntman1412*cough* go on to post a bad review about the game just to lower it's average user score.