I first thought Battlefield 3 would propably beat Modern Warfare 3 competetive wise after looking at E3 2010 and TGS 2011. The game looked amazing and the multiplayer was extremely fun (*** JETS!!!!).As it turned out I was almost right.

The graphics in the game are propably the closest you can get to real life. The sun glares into your face as you pilot your jet. The dirt splatters on you as you crash you jeep into the ground and drive on. The bullets whiz by you and blurry your vision. Its just spectacular. I found myself exploring the environment, going away from the battle just to look at the awesomness of the graphics.

The sound design is also amazing. Bullets snap by you as it hits the pavement next to you as you press on. The rocket exploding near you, deafening your ears. The jets swooping in overhead for the kill. The sounds are amazing and I suspect DICE used real life sound of aircraft and guns for this game. If so, then they are awesome. I never found myself using my headphones as much as I have spent on BF3.

The multiplayer itself is refined to near perfection. The maps are all great and fun to play on and Frostbite 2 adds a whole new level of destructability to the environments. The servers are bit hard to get on though,(thanks alot Origin) and the lag is sometimes making the multiplayer unplayable. Hopefully EA makes a patch for this problem soon.

The campaign is the ugly duckling of the bunch. It is fun to play through, but it is cliched with Wmd's, russians(of course!) and a plot to blow up New York. There is destructability in the campaign mode but it is limited for some reason, and I dont like that fact that you sometimes use quicktime events in close combat...meh. But this is the best campaign out of any Battlefield game DICE has made.

Overall, the game is amazing and stellar. I couldn't say better for any other game out there. Though DICE can make improvements on the campaign, it's still a complete package that shines.