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Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 Trailer Bonanza!

We've got two new trailers for EA's Battlefield 3. One shows off the new Close Quarters expansion pack, which brings shooter fans hectic, up-close-and-personal combat. The second trailer details the game's new Call of Duty Elite-inspired Battlefield Premium service.

Close Quarters Trailer:

Battlefield Premium Trailer:

  • Hurrrr

  • I got Premium, but I still haven't touched the game since I heard the XP loss issue still hasn't been fixed.

    Great service though, I'm very excited for the DLC.

  • Im pretty sure that conquest and domination are the same game mode from different games...
  • So I pre-ordered the BF3 Limited Edition for the B2K maps... But now I have to basically re buy B2K if I want premium? EA is full of S**T!! What is the Limited Edition good for then?
  • I want this but I don't want it :/
  • Nah, ill just stck with elite

  • They should make it cost less for those who already own B2K! I'll just buy each expansion that comes out and it'll cost about the same.
  • They really took a page from COD with gun master. But i still might pick this back up traded it in back in Jan I only like the Close quarters map
  • so gun master is really just that mode from black ops where every kill gets you a better gun
  • I hope gun master is not like Gun Game [the mode where you unlock new guns for each kill]. Worst mode ever.
  • There needs to be an option for those of us who already have B2K.  You would think EA would have run through this scenario in their planning.  Based on principle, I wont be purchasing the DLC unless they reconfigure their package accordingly.

  • Premium seems too late and I don't like of paying 50 dollars to enjoy the game more but seeing as I'll play all the expansions anyway I guess it's fine.

  • Considering I just bought MineCraft XBLA, it'll be awhile before I buy this premium. Actually, I also need to save up for Future Soldier. Dang.

  • GOD BF3 makes me want to buy a PC but I have to clue how to put in the required chips and RAM and all that other stuff
  • Nice.

  • It's funny how EA can milk and sh*t all over the consumer/gamer, yet people will still buy their products. I do own, and have had fun, with a few EA published games that I've purchased in the past. But no more. Unless they curtail there greed I refuse to purchase anything with the words EA on it. Seriously, doesn't it bother anyone knowing that the heads of this company selfishly roll in there money while simultaneously laughing at the people who are contributing to these greedy bastards bank accounts?
  • Battlefield 3 just doesn't live up to the Battlefield name. Gonna have to pass on this. Mediocre maps don't do it for me.

  • OH Snap!

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