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Battlefield 3

Launch Trailer Sets The Stage For Action

In just a few days, DICE and Electronic Arts will be releasing Battlefield 3. A new launch trailer highlights some of the set piece moments that players can expect during their time with the shooter, including a speeding shootout through Times Square, carrier takeoff, and more.

Whether your allegiances fall toward Battlefield or Call of Duty, it's hard to deny just how great these scenes look. In a few short days, we'll all be able to determine whether the gameplay backs up these impressive visuals.

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  • Tacking out for the midnight cant *** wait!


  • meh.

  • Battlefield 3 FTW

  • Looks like some of the big cinematic "WHATISGOINGONEXPLOSIONSEVERYWHEREMICHAELBAYDIRECTEDTHISGAMEDIDNTHE" from the Modern Warfares and Black Ops but with vehicles and on bigger scales.  I presonally like CoD better and this for different reasons.  Looks good.  

  • Ownage.

  • Cool

  • Can't wait anymore to play this game ):

  • Excuse me, I have to clean my *** of the floor now...

  • bf3's singleplayer is going to beat cod. but cod's Multiplay will beat bf3!

  • It's about to go off! Meaning, this game will ROCK!

  • sweet!

  • Going to be great! It's going to blow away CoD MW 2!

  • ***, that looks sick as hell.

  • I've played the mulyiplayer of previous games at friend's houses but this has me tempted to get my own copy just for the singleplayer.

  • Looks so good! I just hope the 360 version will look just as good, but after playing the beta i'm woried, cuz the 360 beta sucked C*CK

  • looks good if the campagn is anything like medal of honors it will be awsome far beyond anything else. note i said MOH's campagn not its dogcrap MP.

  • Wicked