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Battlefield 3

Launch Trailer Sets The Stage For Action

In just a few days, DICE and Electronic Arts will be releasing Battlefield 3. A new launch trailer highlights some of the set piece moments that players can expect during their time with the shooter, including a speeding shootout through Times Square, carrier takeoff, and more.

Whether your allegiances fall toward Battlefield or Call of Duty, it's hard to deny just how great these scenes look. In a few short days, we'll all be able to determine whether the gameplay backs up these impressive visuals.

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  • that was awesome, i was already hyped about the multiplayer but i had no idea the campaign looked this fun

  • It's amazing to see how far Battlefield has come.

  • battlefield3,skyrim,assassins creed revelations,need for speed the run and saints row the third for the win. an modern warfare 3 maybe.

  • sweet baby jesus that is some of the most impressive footage yet. cannot wait to play this

  • Hanging out of a car trying to murder the hell out of someone in another car while we are careening around a highly populated city? Yes, please.

  • Campaign looks awesome. Can't wait till Monday night to go to the midnight launch and play this practically all night xD

  • Wow... CoD, eat your heart out...

  • cant lie about this, that music was epic

  • Alright I am a HUGE fan of BOTH (notice I said both) the Call of Duty franchise and the Battlefield franchise. So please see where I am coming from when I say the following: Is it just me or does the campaign have many similarities with Call of Duty's high octane huge set piece moments? This is what I love my FPS's to be like but I find it interesting how Call of Duty haters seem to overlook this blatant similarity. With that said I am totally amped up for BF3's release as well as MW3's

  • OK. This looks like one of the best campaigns in video game history. From what I saw it it seems like it is, well, real. I don't know it feels practical like that sort of thing could have happened.

    If I don't find a deal on craigslist for a new xbox I am going to buy one on freakin' launch day.

  • Awwwww S*** it's on!! motherf***er's.. I cant wait for this.
  • this game is gonna KICK BUTT!!!!

  • im not going to school next week

  • hey guys i just bought the game from my local shop and played it!!!!!!! the game looks totallyyyyyyyyyy nice and graphics just rock!!!!!!1 but from early on they have been telling that they want to attract the call of duty crowd so why did they keep L1 to aim and R1 to shoot??????? but i am getting adjusted to it!!!!!!

  • Midnight release here i come, can't wait this game is gonna be amazing.

  • Glenn Morshower AND Battlefield? Together? I've and gone to heaven......

  • Looks good. I'm curious to see how BF3's reviews will turn out, it'll definitely help me decide whether I'll pick it up or not.

  • umm.....i really dont want to get this right away, mostly due to campaign....there's a lack of story....unlike bad company, BF3 just has u going around doin regular military operations
  • Rockin this for the Ps3 see yall on the battlefield suckas!