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Battlefield 3

Launch Trailer Sets The Stage For Action

In just a few days, DICE and Electronic Arts will be releasing Battlefield 3. A new launch trailer highlights some of the set piece moments that players can expect during their time with the shooter, including a speeding shootout through Times Square, carrier takeoff, and more.

Whether your allegiances fall toward Battlefield or Call of Duty, it's hard to deny just how great these scenes look. In a few short days, we'll all be able to determine whether the gameplay backs up these impressive visuals.

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  • When you have $100 million dollar budget for marketing, there's really no excuse for bad trailers. Even so, this is breathtaking.
  • There always has to be a nuke involved.

  • Only a few more days only a few more days only a few more days!

  • wow.

  • Battlefield has certainly raised itself to a new level.
  • This trailer is certainly better than the BF3 Jay-Z 99 problems theme trailer. I really despised the latter.
  • god do they know how to make a trailer... must... resist...temptation...

  • ***!!!! I think that trailer just sold me for dice

  • WOW even the story looks interesting! that really surprised me lol. I've played almost every COD except COD World At War and I never ONCE cared for the story until Black Ops. This on the other hand looks movie quality good!

    I can't wait until Tuesday!

  • o my good!

  • HOLY SH!T!!

  • I was already sold on this game.  This just makes me want it that much more.

  • i got 99 pro...(gets shot to death with aa12)

  • This game is going to be phenomenal.

  • that looked great.. I'll be getting it at launch.

  • The animations are awesome on the characters.

  • Make sure you let EVERYONE know before the video how many awards you received...
  • Ugh, why does DICE have to release such great trailers right before release days?

  • The fact that most of these scenes are in game graphics and not cutscenes still amazes me

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