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Battlefield 3

Launch Trailer Sets The Stage For Action

In just a few days, DICE and Electronic Arts will be releasing Battlefield 3. A new launch trailer highlights some of the set piece moments that players can expect during their time with the shooter, including a speeding shootout through Times Square, carrier takeoff, and more.

Whether your allegiances fall toward Battlefield or Call of Duty, it's hard to deny just how great these scenes look. In a few short days, we'll all be able to determine whether the gameplay backs up these impressive visuals.

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  • Cannot wait.  This game looks pretty awesome!  HD textures on a separate disc?  Who cares!

  • Jeez.

  • chills.... every time I hear that music.
  • So he mentioned a nuke, and your in New York Times Square, I see where this is going. Thank you DICE for all the hard work!!!1
  • i would be the first to admit i thought the campaign would not be as good as multiplayer, but this really look like the first battlefield game with a *** good campaign cant wait!

  • Looks good, although I think I'll get Batman: Arkham City first.
  • That was pure epicness.

  • Awesome....

  • ok why the hell did i get a r&c: A41 trailer and not BF3?
  • Holy Mother of Batman....Woooooo!

  • This game looks amazing, I just hope that it plays amazingly.

  • This game looks amazing and I love all the whole Battlefield series. Cant wait to get it! I'm both a fan of Call of Duty and Battlefield. Their both good games but I think Battlefield is obviously more on the action packed side as Call of Duty is more of a Counter-Strike type fps. Like I said. Their both great games and I cant wait to pick them up!

  • Call of Whody?
  • Thats the song iv'e been waiting to here.

  • Only a few more days until this is sitting in my 360.

  • Looks great. I'm excited for Monday night!

  • HOLY #$%^ I can't wait three more days!!!!

  • Amazing! I'm looking forward to playing the campaign more than the multiplayer.

  • I just creamed...

  • Leave no Marines behind!!

    *that goes for my fellow squad members in MP as well*
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