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Battlelog Could Be A Boon For Stat Junkies

Battlefield players have long been able to keep track of their in-game statistics through a connected web interface, and Battlefield 3 is no different. As DICE tells it, the new Battlelog network offers players a wealth of social networking features at no additional cost.

The developers provide a guided tour of some of Battlelog's functionality in the clip below. Battlelog allows players to chat in real time with one another, giving remorseless gloaters yet another tool in their psy-ops kit. In addition to monitoring your own stats and career progression, you can check out how your friends are doing in the game. Leaderboards can be sorted by friends as well, giving run-of-the-mill soldiers a chance to at least show their dominance among their buddies.

On the PC front, Battlelog has an additional level of functionality. There, it provides an interface for browsing available multiplayer servers and launching the single-player campaign.

Look for Battlefield 3 on the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on October 25.

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  • Yeah I played all day yestarday it's pretty much facebook with guns haha

    EDIT: Also at first I was thinking I hope in the full game you dont play from the web browser. But after playing awhile it's kinda nice to play from the browser you got your BF Facebook and all the server browsers and stuff all right there.
  • I'm sorry to anyone that might take offense to this, but the BF3 Xbox 360 Beta looks EXACTLY like BFBC2. I have talked about how the PC version will look better than the console versions, but this is a pale comparison. I actually feel like the marketing of BF3 has been a slight misleading, seeing as the Xbox 360 already has more pre-orders than both PC and PS3. The marketing only shows the PC version, which really is pushing the boundaries of graphics. But they should have said, "sorry, but BFBC2 was as far as we could go with out graphics." I will admit the color and lighting is better than BFBC2, but still, it's not THAT much of an improvement.

    The game still suffers from light contrast difficulties, which I hate.

    But the destruction looks beautiful. Other than that, I have nothing else to really say. It's a BF game through and through.

    Video comparing all three platforms:

    Here is BFBC2
  • You guys are lucky, there was a glitch with origin and it transferred the birthday i put in on my EA account wrong so now because of a glitch I cant play the beta.
  • I generally don't care about keeping track of stats... it just makes people feel all high and mighty
  • I've been playing the PS3 beta lately, but I've been following my buds on battlelog. Its a nifty feature and I like that you can join games from it, so once I get the PC beta I'll be abusing the hell out of it. I'm wondering how else it can work with the console versions though.

  • whenever i go to register for battlelog and it asks for my origins account and crap if just tells me that my account is not allowed to access it..
  • I mean, if your into this kinda stuff, its great they're giving it to you all for free, but in my humble opinion, I think its all a bit much. It's taking a genre that started with Doom and Wolfenstein 3D and turning it now into a weird ass form of Fantasy Football.
  • I don't like Battlelog. I would rather have the interface inside the game. That being said, it works well enough and wouldn't stop me from buying the game. If I were planning on buying the game, I would be more worried about the bugs and glitches that make the game literally unplayable on PC.

    The PS3 version looks like BC2 as someone else mentioned, though the lighting is better and there's more color saturation. The textures look just awful. On the other hand, the PC version looks absolutely beautiful. There is no pixelation whatsoever. Even with AA off or on low, lines are really smooth. For anyone worried about not running this on high/ultra...don't worry about it. Medium, and probably low, will look better than console versions.

    Edit: And yes, I know it's just the beta and it's an older build of the game. However, I can't fathom why EA would give us an unplayable version of the game if they've fixed most of the problems. We can't really test anything if we can't play.
  • I'm not a stat junkie but this is very cool of them to add this in. Especially since it's free.
  • I checked this out yesterday and was very impressed! Can't wait!

  • So Battlelog does what the main menu of other games has always done. For what purpose? So that we can play it anywhere? Why would we want to play it on Random Computer X when we could play it on the computer that we spent time and money building? The whole idea is stupid! And stat tracking just creates a world of gamers who ruin the game for everyone because they are worried about their K/D ratio!
  • Stats are always nice, so long as people don't have access to K/D and W/L ratio. That's how I got my friend into TF2, because it doesn't have those. XD

  • meh, at least its fully free unlike the CODMW3 elite system which you have to pay 50$ a year for the extra's. anything thats free is always nice.
  • thats pretty cool

  • I've been having a blast playing the beta. Can't wait to play on the 25th.

  • I have both consoles. I'm playing the beta on both. The servers are MUCH better on the PS3, and textures and lighting as well. The Xbox looks just like BFBC2, "...NOW WITH PRONE POSITION"
  • This will be a great way to distract people from the fact that Battlefield 3 IS in fact a first person shooter and not the second coming of Jesus that so many predicted.

  • Meh, I'm not a stats person (please don't flame me by saying "oh, that's cause you have a *** k/d), the only thing I care about is gameplay; thus far I am very pleased :)
  • I played some battlefield games in the past but have not really touched the series in a few years.  However all that I have heard about this game is making me want to come back, downloading the demo right now to try it out.

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