Battlefield players have long been able to keep track of their in-game statistics through a connected web interface, and Battlefield 3 is no different. As DICE tells it, the new Battlelog network offers players a wealth of social networking features at no additional cost.

The developers provide a guided tour of some of Battlelog's functionality in the clip below. Battlelog allows players to chat in real time with one another, giving remorseless gloaters yet another tool in their psy-ops kit. In addition to monitoring your own stats and career progression, you can check out how your friends are doing in the game. Leaderboards can be sorted by friends as well, giving run-of-the-mill soldiers a chance to at least show their dominance among their buddies.

On the PC front, Battlelog has an additional level of functionality. There, it provides an interface for browsing available multiplayer servers and launching the single-player campaign.

Look for Battlefield 3 on the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on October 25.