DICE detailed the many ways you can kit out a weapon in the latest post on the Battlefield 3 Battleblog. By switching out the add-ons slotted into each of a weapon's three hard points, you can go from a long-distance sniper to a room-to-room fighter.

The two firearms shown off on the Battleblog (pictured here at the top and bottom of the page) are actually the same gun. Above, you have a bipod, 4X scope, and heavy barrel for longer-range engagements and suppressive fire. Below, the same carbine has a suppressor, holographic scope, and foregrip making it ideal for close quarters.

Available attachments include the usual scopes and underslung secondary barrels (grenade launchers and shotguns in particular), but also utility items like flashlights and forgeries.

Unlocking accessories in Battlefield 3 is a matter of spending time with each weapon, so you'll have to get familiar with a gun before messing around with it. Oh no, that just means you'll have to play more Battlefield 3. Woe is you.

Battlefield 3 comes out October 25 on PS3, 360, and PC. Not on board yet? Check out this gameplay video showing off the PC's 64-player multiplayer.