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BattleBlock Theater

A Co-Op Level Of BattleBlock Theater

Castle Crashers studio The Behemoth has posted a video showing an entire level of BattleBlock Theater.

The level presents archival footage of prisoners #10312 and #10329 and gives you a taste of a full level from the co-op campaign.

For more on the game, check out its opening cinematic. BattleBlock Theater is scheduled to come out on XBLA sometime this year.

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  • Its probably going to come out on PSN a year later. (sigh)
  • Very cool...

    I've noticed much less FIRST posts recently...

  • I love it.

  • Come out soon!

  • not bad.

  • i really wish this is coming to ps3 i have an xbox but i play more downloadable games on my ps3

  • ... theres no one on a boat :(

  • Very cool. Behemoth is awesome, and I look forward to this game.

  • CONFIRMED FOR ORGASMIC SOUNDTRACK. Behemoth is always fantastic and I plan on getting this game as well. It's going to be sweet!


  • Looks fun.

  • Freakin sweat!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love The Behemoth, and I can't wait for this game. However, Castle Crashers has left some very large over-sized helmets to fill.

  • This looks sweet.

  • See you space cowboy!!!

  • How on earth would someone conceptualize something like this..

  • Wow. Love the music! Looking forward to this game!

  • Those green things remind me of gir

  • This looks pretty cool. Hopefully they bring it to PSN before too long.

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