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  • Blog Post: Get ready for a whole lot of fun

    Buckle your pants extra tight for this game. This game is a big ball of fun, happiness, colors, hats, and more fun all rolled up together. You play as a person betrayed by your best friend and imprisoned by cats. The cats force you to put on these elaborate shows (The levels) for their entertainment... More
  • Blog Post: A Turn of Events Led to a Fantastic Buy

    BattleBlock Theater is not a game I ever had my eyes on. Even when it released I payed no attention to it. I was looking too forward to Undead Labs upcoming arcade game, State of Decay, to mind anything else. Well, when the release date got pushed from "Early 2013" to June, I decided I needed... More
  • Blog Post: One of the best platformers of the year!

    I had been waiting for this game ever since they announced, and let me tell you, it does not disappoint. The art style is once again amazing, the controls are tight and easy to get used to, and the amount of content available is overwhelming. Almost everything about the game is great besides the amount... More
  • Blog Post: Better then I hoped, and I hoped it would be great.

    It's colorful, hilarious and an absolute riot. Quirky, fantastic music and a manic narrator serve to sweeten the deal even further. There's really only one thing to say about Battleblock Theater. If you like platformers even a little bit, buy this game. Right now. More
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