BattleBlock Theater is not a game I ever had my eyes on. Even when it released I payed no attention to it. I was looking too forward to Undead Labs upcoming arcade game, State of Decay, to mind anything else. Well, when the release date got pushed from "Early 2013" to June, I decided I needed a new game to fill the gap. The Behemoth's BattleBlock Theater did more than just fill the gap, it is oozing over the top. This game has you hooked instantly with the creative design and hilarious narrator. When you start the game you aren't given many options for changing your character around but once you start playing you hardly mind the way your cartoon character looks.

The game really draws you in though with its fast paced and creative platforming. It is one of the games that has you constantly moving to get to the end. A great thing about  BattleBlock Theater's level design is that they are short and sweet, allowing you to move from room to room without feeling like it's dragging on. Even though it is quick you will plenty of content to keep you busy and you can always replay levels in an attempt to top your score. Also, if you manage to hear the music going on among all the action you can hear that the game has wonderful audio. It ties into the fast paced yet cartoony gameplay perfectly. 

If, like me, you are someone who loves customizing and tweaking, you will be more than happy with this game. You start with very little, and over time you accumulate more head pieces for your character than I can count. There also a few different colors you can choose from and also weapons you can purchase to help beat those pesky cats.

A big bonus to BattleBlock Theater is multiplayer. There is basic co-op mode where you play through altered levels that require more teamwork such as one player jumping on the head of another to reach a high platform, and then the player up top holds his/her hand out to pull the other player up. Once you get used to this aspect of co-op play it becomes as fast and seamless as the single player does. Along with co-op is a versus mode. There are multiple game types to choose from, and every one can be played with bots or against bots with a friend on your team. This can also be taken online against random players.

To even further boost the replayability of this game, a very simple map editor is included. Not only that, but every single map that is created by the community (whether it be a basic game map or a versus map) can be played online or alone.

If you are a fan of platformers at all, I recommend this game to you. If you are not a big fan, I urge you to at least download the trial. With a 1200 point ($15) pricepoint, it is hard to go wrong. Especially since I am sure that we have all spent more on worse.