Considering this game hails from the same company that created the insanity that is Guilty Gear, you might expect Battle Fantasia to play as fast as the Flash with a caffeine buzz. While it offers up a fair amount of craziness, BF turns out to be a slightly slower, more technical fighter. The characters and environments are all 3D, but the action takes place on a 2D plane. Visually, the game is a charmer, with all the vibrancy and artistic style of an anime. Unfortunately, BF doesn't do anything to break the mold in terms of gameplay. While the characters are original (where else can you see a magical rabbit fighting a baby in knight's armor?) their move sets are not. The combat also feels too basic compared to most modern fighters. The long-winded story segments show that BF was trying to do something different and exciting. Too bad it's not enough to carry the title to success.