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Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

Batman Goes To Visit Joker In Ten Minutes Of Blackgate Footage

This is the second substantial Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate video we've gotten today. This time out, Batman is on the hunt for the Joker in the Administrative Building of Blackgate Prison.

The Clown Prince of Crime has taken over the territory, captured the warden, and left Batman to deal with thugs and traps. You can see it for yourself below. We also have video of the cell block area from earlier today. 

Batman: Arkham Origins is out tomorrow, October 25, 2013. You can pick it up for the PlayStation Vita or the Nintendo 3DS.

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  • This game is starting to look like it's going to be tedious in the sense that it's just a constant fetch quest to progress the storyline. Also what's the deal with animated novels or whatever they call that video style. I find it to be lazy and annoying, either do CG cut scenes or animated not this crap. I don't know this game sounded good but now it has this going against it and 2.5D, from a personal stand point I'll have to wait and see what GI says about it.
  • Don't want to rush you guys, but what's up with the review? Do you guys have to have the go ahead or something?
  • looks okay.. graphics are nice, much cleaner than 3ds.. although motions are a little stiff... but why.... why do we have to press x to open a door?....
  • Before seeing the two videos of Blackgate released today, I really didn't have much interest in getting it. I'm getting Arkham Origins tomorrow and now I'm probably going to pick up Blackgate on Vita also. I'll probably look over a couple reviews first, but if the consensus is that the game is halfway decent then I'll buy it. It would be nice to have another decent Vita game to play.

  • the game looks fun, but the graphics are definitely a let down.

  • Why do triple-A developers settle for such lame "motion comic" cinematics? They're incredibly boring and sometimes painful to watch. Think of how rad it would be to watch actual hand animated videos at certain points in the game, but no, instead you get to watch a moving photo collage.

  • Staff
    This game...Ugh.
  • I'm not sure about this game. I'm just not feeling it all that much for some reason.

  • Mod

    Yeesh...they really need to stop trying to cut corners with the half-ass picture still cutscenes.  They really drain the immersion and are just pitiful to sit through and this is for the Vita for crying out loud, what happened to pushing handheld gaming? :/