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Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Trailer Sets Up The Story

The first trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate sets up the game's story, and shows off what it will look like.

You can check out the trailer below which seems to share a similar setup to Arkham Asylum (which is not a bad thing!), and features cameos from villains like Penguin, Catwoman, Black Mask, and others.

For more on Blackgate, check out our interview with Mark Pacini, the game's director, whose pedigree of work includes games like Metroid Prime.

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate is coming to Vita and 3DS on October 25.

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  • Mod

    It really looks great! I like the art style.

  • Mod

    It really looks great! I like the art style.

  • Why is Joker at blackgate?

  • FINALLY!! More info for Blackgate!! This might be the game that could help the Vita, even though its also on 3DS.

    *Crosses fingers that the Vita version will be the best*.

  • Game looks fun, but just looks like Arkham Asylum story redone? Also was Cat women's pants ripped at the end with her butt sticking out? Wish she would be taken more seriously

  • I hope the game looks/plays good on the 3DS. Seems like the smaller screen might limit it in some ways.

  • wow looks awesome

  • I think anything Batman in this style is amazing!

  • Seems alright.

  • Alright,interesting il give it rather just buy origions to be honest..

  • Hell yeah looks nice, got this pre-ordered so I can't wait.

  • Another game to add to my Vita collection? I think so!

  • It would be awesome if this game had its own skins for you to change Batmans outfit with like the console Origins. Then you can sync your console account with this game somehow or it would have a code or something so you can unlock skins on your console version for having this game and vice versa.

  • The cutscenes look so good. I love the art style. I feel like I need hands on time with the gameplay though. Not doubting them, but I'm just not used to seeing the Arkham series in 2d.

  • to me this seems eerily similar to Arkham Asylum, but it does look very impressive for a mobile game. Can't wait to use this as an excuse to boot my vita back up!

  • Nice. Interested in this nearly as much as Arkham Origins by this point. I kinda am okay with the cutscenes, give it that comic-book look that Infamous had. Very interested in how this 2.5 D will handle, if it's anything like Metroid, it'll work.

  • This may get me to play the PlayStation version of the game. It happen before with the God of War series of the PSP version.