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Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Trailer Sets Up The Story

The first trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate sets up the game's story, and shows off what it will look like.

You can check out the trailer below which seems to share a similar setup to Arkham Asylum (which is not a bad thing!), and features cameos from villains like Penguin, Catwoman, Black Mask, and others.

For more on Blackgate, check out our interview with Mark Pacini, the game's director, whose pedigree of work includes games like Metroid Prime.

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate is coming to Vita and 3DS on October 25.

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  • This looks great on Vita, but I want to see some 3DS footage.
  • This game is looking really fun. I hope the 3DS version plays a lot like the wiiU version of arkham city.
  • Similar to Arkham Asylum, yes. Wishing I had a 3DS or Vita, yes.

  • Bronze Tiger, huh?  I'm liking that they're going for more obscure characters in Blackgate and Origins

  • I'm more excited about this game than Blackgate's big brother.

  • Doesn't this take place after Batman: Arkham Origins? I'm not sure whether to call it a spoiler or not.
  • this is literally arkham asylum.
  • I was iffy on this, just as I was with Arkham Origins, but a solid portable Batman game? Has that ever happened? It looks like it might.

  • As long as the gameplay is as tight and well done as Arkham City, this will be a success.

  • Can't wait until this hits.  There's going to be a lot of Batman gaming this fall with two Arkham games and Scribblenauts.

  • This game looks really good but i have to wonder what joker would be doing in blackgate instead of arkham
  • The game looks great, can't wait to play it on my Vita..... Yeah-ya

  • Not a fan of the comic style cutscenes.

  • Man, my 3ds is not going to get a break in october, got pokemon, sonic lost world and now this. Yeah-Ya!
  • I just can't wait for this game!

  • This looks really good, I think this is the kind of game my Vita has been waiting for. Since AC: Liberation, havent used it much.

  • this looks sick

  • Looks promising.

  • For some reason I didn't realize that this was also coming the the ps vita. This looks decent but honestly it looks a little rough. We will see.

  • This is looking good on the Vita. A decent handheld Batman game is always welcome. Loving the cutscenes for this as well.
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