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Bird Most Wanted Interrogation Glitch *SOLVED*!

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    Whenever you're going to start playing this mission, get serious and remain vigilant!

    Why? Because you'll only get one shot at this.Why? Because you cannot just restart the game or your console when it's done incase you don't find anyone to interrogate. You lose the people to interrogate permanently!

    If you *** this up, say goodbye to the disassembling move (the reason why you are so desperate to complete this mission in the first place).


    1. Enigma Data Handler:
    This one is just a safety measure method, not obligatory! Beat up any enigma data handler just to check whether your interrogation icon is working or not, it'll be displayed after defeating the handler. If it is, proceed to next step. If not, restart your console, and try again.

    2. Enter in the area NORMALLY
    Enter the fighting area (places where 2 groups are fighting each other) normally. Just walk into, run to it or even glide towards it, BUT DON'T use any glide kick, glide boost and glide boost takedown stuff etc. You've had the entire game to show off how good of a fighter you are, with all your variations and ***, but don't do any of that here!

    Only use strike (Square button) for inflicting damage, and prefer redirecting over enemies than Counter (Counter isn't forbidden, but use it as less as possible to prevent any accidental takedown. DON'T USE ANY SORT OF TAKEDOWN, WHETHER IT'S COMBAT TAKEDOWN, MULTI-TAKEDOWN, GROUND TAKEDOWN OR EVEN THE BLOODY BEATDOWN. MOREOVER DON'T USE ANY GADGET VARIATION AS WELL. NO BATARANGE, BATCLAW. Concussion Detonator is OKAY. Just keep on punching with strike, use FOCUS MODE to your advantage, use the speed to strike more enemies quickly so that you need not redirect or counter (incase you're getting tired of doing it).

    4. Surrounding Enviroment:
    Try to not accidentally throw enemies at containers or objects in such a way that HALF their body is displayed while HALF of it is inside the container (due to glitches).
    This is because incase that person turns out to be the one to be investigated you are screwed because the interrogation icon won't show up.

    After punching and knocking every enemy down without doing any sort of takedown, you'll find one person that can be interrogated!

    Sources, About Me : I've played Arkham Origins on every difficulty, so I've had time to experiment and come up with a solution on this issue since the disassembling move is my favourite. The method is not that difficult. I may have explained it in a complex manner. Just don't do any takedown, that knocks the enemy out of the interrogation. For any further queries regarding this mission, or the game, or HECK even the trilogy, you can contact me on my profile.

  • When I went to do the first part, nobody was there! This happened over and over again until finally, after many rage quits, they were there! YES!

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