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Batman: Arkham Origins

Seventeen Minutes Of Batman: Arkham Origins Gameplay

Batman: Arkham Origins will be released later this week. Developer Warner Bros. Montreal has added some new conveniences to help the Dark Knight navigate a Gotham City twice the size of Arkham City's playground. 

With the help of the Batwing, Batman can quickly move around the city or back to the Batcave. The hideout offers new gadgets and intel thanks to Bruce Wayne's butler, Alfred Pennyworth. 

The second half of the video focuses on Batman's infiltration of the Gotham City Police Department to access a database. Since this is early in Batman's career, the caped crusader doesn't know Jim Gordon. In fact, the police are actively hunting Batman (and some aren't doing it for the right reasons).

You can check out the full 17-minute developer walkthrough below. Batman: Arkham Origins is out this Friday, October 25, on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC. Note that the retail PC and Wii U versions (along with the 3DS version of Blackgate) are delayed in the UK. Warner Bros. tells us that things are on track in the United States, though.

For more on Batman: Arkham Origins, check out our coverage from the May 2013 issue and a recent preview of the fight with Deathstroke.

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  • I saw some issues in this video.  Lip syncing was horrible, Batman just didn't look right to me (too heavy set and short), same exact gameplay dynamics as Arkham City.  Very interesting story line though.

  • i want to not want this so bad but it's creeping on me

  • I really like the dark shading they added to the game, it feels more believable when Batman is hiding and stalking from the shadows. HOWEVER, the big thing I'm disappointed about is (as far I know) you'll only be able to free-roam as Batman, after enjoying Catwoman as a free-roaming DLC character in Arkham City I thought I would be able to free-roam a bit with Deathstroke however that isn't the case.

    The game still looks great, I just hope they provide some DLC's for it along the way (and Arkham City to keep things exciting!).

  • Does the frame rate look off compared to arkham city or is it just me?

  • No way am I watching this. I wanna go into this totally fresh. I admit when the game was first announced I was skeptical with it being a prequel and with a different developer taking over but after learning all we've learned in the intervening months I've been sold on it. I love the story they're going to tell and think focusing on some of the lesser-known villains of the Batman and DC Universe is a good call. Black Mask is going to be a sick Big Bad as well. Can''t wait for Friday.

  • This would be the last game i play on my ps3 xD

  • You guys actually are smart and think this game is good. All idiotic users on IGN comment on the video of this on ign saying it looks repetitive. I think it'll be amazing. Can't wait!!

  • OMG!!!!  I am sooo glad I practiced my fighting skills.  I am really diggin the bitter and young batman.

  • But why does Bruce Wayne have a fade though?

  • Definitely an older dev build being shown here.

    Still stoked, though. It drops on payday, so it's a sweet deal.

  • The Batwing fast travel, reminds me of Metroid Prime 3. The loading even looks similar.

  • Framerate seems kind of jittery =/

  • Does this mean we'll get to play some with Barbara Gordon as Batgirl? That would be a nice Catwoman replacement. I love these games but to be honest the character I liked playing the least as in Arkham City ...was batman. Lol he's so slow and clunky. Catwoman is fast and agile. Nightwing and even Robin YES EVEN Robin I liked more lol. Sure these dudes were mostly only available in the bonus challenges but they were more fun to play as. If I only get to play as clunkyman I may not like this game as much as the last. :/

  • This looks absolutely incredible. Still gotta play Arkham City first, though.

  • Gotta hurry up and pre-order before it's too late.

  • I wanna play this but I'd like to play through the first two before it. (sigh) Just not enough time in the day for all the good stuff :/

  • Anyone else think Alfred looked kind of Asian?

  • Whoever designed Alfred needs to actually open a Batman comic book. Cripes. That---and apparently they've wired his jaw shut, where he can only move lips (and horribly out of sync) when speaking. WTF. 3rd game now for the studio and this is what you show?

    I love this series, but *** like this sticks out like a sore thumb.

  • Hopefully they'll fix the lip syncing since it was rather stuttery and glitchy. The fighting animation and full body animation look great, the best and least stiff I've seen thus far. Though why is this a roided up version of batman? Also Alfred looked sickly. This is one I'll have to wait on for you guys to review. The narration/commentary was terrible too, full of odd inflections and emphasises.

  • I'll only get this game if it comes out for Xbox One sometime later. Lip sync aside, the game is looking great thus far.