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Batman: Arkham Origins

Seventeen Minutes Of Batman: Arkham Origins Gameplay

Batman: Arkham Origins will be released later this week. Developer Warner Bros. Montreal has added some new conveniences to help the Dark Knight navigate a Gotham City twice the size of Arkham City's playground. 

With the help of the Batwing, Batman can quickly move around the city or back to the Batcave. The hideout offers new gadgets and intel thanks to Bruce Wayne's butler, Alfred Pennyworth. 

The second half of the video focuses on Batman's infiltration of the Gotham City Police Department to access a database. Since this is early in Batman's career, the caped crusader doesn't know Jim Gordon. In fact, the police are actively hunting Batman (and some aren't doing it for the right reasons).

You can check out the full 17-minute developer walkthrough below. Batman: Arkham Origins is out this Friday, October 25, on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC. Note that the retail PC and Wii U versions (along with the 3DS version of Blackgate) are delayed in the UK. Warner Bros. tells us that things are on track in the United States, though.

For more on Batman: Arkham Origins, check out our coverage from the May 2013 issue and a recent preview of the fight with Deathstroke.

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  • Batman would never be caught dead in the GCPD headquarters.

    Why is it so popular to completely recycle your game these days? Battlefield 4 plays and looks exactly the same as Battlefield 3, Arkham: Origins looks the same as the last two installments, and Call of Duty Ghosts... actually, that's to be expected.
  • This kinda makes me feel tingly.
  • I can't decide whether to get this or Pokemon X. Decisions, Decisions...
  • Is it just me, or is the lip-syncing could have used a bit more work...?
  • This game looks good but for some reason I'm just not as excited for this one as I was for the first two. Oh well still day 1 buy!
  • why do I have some strange feeling about this game, that its not going to be all that.. I mean if it was I would have seen tons of commercials about it like Arkham City and Arkham Asylum.. why the weird release date of this Friday instead of "new Tuesday". are they that afraid this game will not stand up to AC IV or WWE??? how come its coming out on Friday and not tomorrow?? Riddle me this!! where's the review? its coming out between a review period.. buyer beware.. ive also looked at the stolen video for the PS vita's batman blackgate.. how come there's no articles on this.. hello mr. futter are you there??... please throw us a bone or two today.
  • I don't care that the gameplay mechanics are the same. But they could've at least changed some of the animations. I'd even feel comfortable if they threw out all animations from the old games and replaced them with completely new ones while keeping the core mechanics intact.

    Still I can't wait until this hit store shelves. I got my (first) CE preordered!
  • This game looks good. I can't wait for it now!

  • I hope Scarecrow makes an appearance outside of a cameo

  • I cannot wait to pick my copy up on Friday, this will be my last PS3 game before Lords of Shadow 2.

  • I don't particularly like the fighting animations, it's too cartoony, I thought they would have improved it. When fighting groups of people I wish the transition from one enemy to the next was more fluid and realistic, similar in a way to how AC3's fighting mechanics work
  • I'm kind of bothered by the frame rate here. I hope that's not too indicative of the final product.
  • Look and feel seem very similar to Arkham City. Doesn't seem they are breaking any new ground here. However, I love Arkham City and the new adventures with this game will probably be good enough for a purchase.

  • Game looks great. I kinda hated how scripted the developers dialogue was though. It sounded like they were reading from a lame storybook.

  • This must be the 360 version being shown. Visuals are horrible compared to the PC version. I CANNOT wait to get my hands on the PC version at the end of the week!
  • I hope I get off work in time for the midnight release on Thursday. This is going to be awesome!

  • Y'know what would be cool right now? A DEMO FOR THIS GAME!! (Along with Origins Blackgate) I'd have my in humanity restored if there was a demo released right now.

  • I planned on having GTA V being my last PS3 game but i might have to get this game.

  • I look forward to picking up this title around Dec. 29, for like, $40.

    My current situation:

    # of tempting games > amount of time to play > # of dollars I have.  


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